Many people have a 3G SIM card installed on their cellular phones. All people that are members of T-Mobile or AT&T, and are part of the 3G (third generation) network have a specialized "subscriber identity module" reader within their phones. This module is able to track all data of the person's calling patterns and overall phone usage. If you or someone that you know has a 3G SIM card, then they are part of the GSM cell phone network. This means that they are a part of the biggest network in the world. Currently, most people have either 2G (second generation) or the newer 3G (third generation) phones. The SIM cards are uniquely designed to match the generation of your phone.

If you are a person who has a 2G phone, then it would naturally come standard with a 2G SIM card. Similarly, if you happen to have a 3G cell phone, you are going to find that your phone came standard with a 3G SIM card. Every once and awhile people have difficulties when they try to put a 3G SIM card in 2G phone readers. Most people do not have any problems installing their 3G card into their 2G SIM card reader. If you are currently having difficulties with this or getting an error message, you can simply contact your cell phone provider customer service and they should be able to help.

What is the difference between the third generation mobile phone network and the second generation network? The major difference is that you are able to get more coverage in more areas if you are part of the 3G network. This network also is known to have quicker data transfer speeds and is able to help your cell phone function with maximum efficiency. Everything on your cell phone is going to operate at a quicker rate if you are part of this coverage network. The best part about having a 3G SIM card is that you are able to transfer it to any phone that you want, provided it has a reader for it.

If you are satisfied with your 2G cell phone and do not want to get a phone upgrade, you will still be able to input your 3G card and get the coverage that you need. There are even 3.5G phones that will accept the 3G SIM card. As long as your phone is part of this network, you are going to get optimum coverage and be able to enjoy the fastest transfer speeds. Your SIM card is only going to track your data and communicate via wireless signaling with your provider. It is still possible to transfer third generation SIM cards to other phones, even if they are not "3G." For optimum quality, it is a recommended to use the 3G card in a 3G cell phone.

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