For years now the 3M 8210 respirator has been widely considered the best, most comfortable, durable, and affordable N95 dust mask on the market. Employees from around the world look to the 3M 8210 respirator to do its job effectively and efficiently, and this super popular N95 dust mask never fails to deliver or live up to its hype. Other competitors like MSA, Survivair and Moldex have some N95 dust masks similar to the 3M 8210 respirator, but they can never match its amazing reputation.

Features of the 3M 8210 Respirator

These N95 dust masks are popular for a reason. It's not just because of how cheap they are, it's also because of how comfortable and durable they are. There aren't too many other N95 dust masks out there that you can comfortably wear for so long and still have it working properly. The 3M 8210 respirator comes with the classic adjustable nose clip that easily forms to the contours of your nose and cheeks. The foam pad that accompanies it just adds to the comfort level. All of these N95 dust masks are made with lightweight construction and are very easy to wear.

Jobs for Using a 3M 8210 Respirator

One of the other reasons these are so popular is because of how many different jobs, tasks, and applications they can be used in. The 3M 8210 respirator is extremely effective at filtering out all sorts of airborne particulates that could otherwise potentially harm your lungs.

Sanding - If you need to do some sanding, whether it's on the job or in your own garage, the 3M 8210 respirator will keep that sawdust away from your lungs and sinuses comfortably.

Sweeping - This can be one of the biggest culprits for dust and abatement to be floating around in the air. With each stroke of the broom you are kicking up countless particles of dust that could irritate your sinuses or cause you to hack up nasty phlegm. The N95 dust masks are perfect for sweeping jobs.

Bagging - Whatever you need bagging that kicks up any airborne particulates, the 3M 8210 respirator will keep you safe.

Grinding - This is one of the more popular uses for these N95 dust masks. No matter what your grinding, whether it be steel, stone, or wheat, you be rest assured that your lungs will be free of any harmful airborne particulates.

Swine Flu - Yes, the 3M 8210 respirator is also very effective at preventing the spread and catching of the H1N1 virus, and many other similar airborne viruses. These have been selling by the millions over the last few years because of the recent scares of swine flu epidemics in the southern US and Mexico.

When Not to Use a 3M 8210 Respirator

Even though these versatile N95 dust masks are great for so many different applications, there are still some common jobs you should not use them for, and should instead try and find a better suited unit for your task at hand.

Toxic Fumes - The 3M 8210 respirator does a wonderful job filtering out airborne particulates, but fumes are a whole different story. You will need a gas mask variation if you want to use protection against toxic fumes. Using one of these N95 dust masks in this manner could result in your death. What could happen is that you end up inhaling concentrated amounts of the toxic fumes and limited oxygen, thus increasing the health risks of inhaling the fumes.

Asbestos - If you're going to be working around asbestos, like cleaning it out, or disposing of it, you're going to need an asbestos mask. In some cases you might be able to get away with using the 3M 8210 respirator, but you should always use the proper protection just to be safe. Asbestos is nothing to take risks with, and you shouldn't use N95 dust masks to protect yourself from it.

Where to Buy the 3M 8210 Respirator

If you're just looking for a few of these N95 dust masks to use on some jobs around the house, then you would probably just want to check out your stores around town. Places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, Office Depot, and pretty much every other store you can think of that is similar to those, will have the 3M 8210 respirator on sale for cheap.

If you are an employer looking for the 3M 8210 respirator for your employees, then you're probably going to want to buy these N95 dust masks in bulk, at wholesale prices. This means that you should be looking online. The internet has literally dozens of options available with the simple click of the mouse. There are tons of online stores that sell the 3M 8210 respirator in bulk and at wholesale prices for cheap. If you're looking to save money and cut some costs, this is your best bet. Just taking a few minutes to look around online could save you some big money. Here are a few places to consider. - Amazon is one of the best online stores for finding just about anything you can think of, and you can be sure they have the 3M 8210 respirator on sale for some competitively low prices. - Of course you know about this famous site. It's one of the best ones out there for finding sales on every product under the sun. They have a great selection of these individual N95 dust masks as well as bulk quantities. - This site has very good customer service and have been around for years providing great selections at affordable prices, and yes they have the 3M 8210 respirator for sale too. - You could also check this store out in a town near you most likely. They are famous for their bulk products and wholesale prices. You can get whole box of the world-famous 3M 8210 respirator for less than $20, and free shipping. - This award winning website is another great place to check out if you're looking for these N95 dust masks or any other office and janitorial supplies.

Don't hesitate to check these places out or do some of your own research and browsing to find the best deals on the 3M 8210 respirator!