I’m not much of an early-adopter when it comes to gadgets, unless it’s something that will save me money or simplify my life. Solar power promises both in many areas of my life, but it is still cost prohibitive in its largest applications (like home heat and air-conditioning).

Slowly, the technology is becoming more affordable on a smaller scale – think of the solar calculator. The same concept is spreading to other areas, like phones, computer components, and home. Solar will decrease my need to purchase batteries, which are both expensive and environmentally toxic. Here are some solar gadgets winning rave customer reviews that I have added to my wish list:

1)     Logitech K750 solar computer keyboard – true, your keyboard probably isn’t much of an energy hog, but this frees you not only from cords but from sensors too. It includes an app that keeps you posted on how much juice it has, so you know when to get a light source on it. For both PC and Macs, suggested retail price new for PCs is $59.99.

2)     Soladec Hybrid Solar Power Charger – most promising solar charger yet for iPhones, Androids and e-readers. Also boasts a built-in LED light which users report is very bright. Unlike many solar chargers for smartphones, the Soladec is getting good buzz from buyers. Retails on Amazon for $77.99

3)      Hybrid Light’s hybrid flashlights – once these LED flashlights charge in the sun, they store the charge for 3 years (that’s a long time to languish in your glove compartment or tool box until you need them). They also have battery backup in case you don’t need one for, say, 4 years. I’ll have these in my car, home, tool box, camping gear, tackle box and my workplace! Retail in packs of 2 for $26.99.