If you are tired of seeing the same pattern in your kitchen day in and day out then maybe it's time to do some remodeling. If you are ready to spend a lot of money making complete renovations then you can have an entirely new kitchen. If not, then lets' see what you might be interested in changing. There are some things you can replace that will give you the refreshing feel of a new kitchen. Some of these things are as minor as window treatment or wall treatment.

If you have been able to gather a bundle of money to change everything in your kitchen then try to have fun doing it. There is a lot you can do, like get new cabinets, new sink new counters, new tiles and don't forget wallpaper and paint. The thing that will cost you the most is the kitchen cabinets and cupboards. The second most expensive on this list is the countertop and the floors. Everything after that is considered minor.

There are more conservative ways to make changes if you don't have the cash to make complete renovations. The ideal thing to do to get the refreshing feeling the quickest for the lowest cost is window treatment. Yes, take down those old raggedy curtains and get as creative as you can with the curtains. Since kitchen curtains are very cheap go all out and do the best you can. If you really want to see a difference get something entirely different than what you had up before. Choose a color or pattern that is vibrant and stands out to make a noticeable change. Many like to match cafe kitchen curtains with a theme.

Something else that may cost you just a tad more than the curtains would be to have new finishing for the cabinets. If you have wooden cabinets you have the chance to make them look very different. All you have to do is sand the top layer to remove the old finishing and replace it with a new finish and an entirely new color. This way you got yourself brand new kitchen cabinets at the price of only sandpaper, a couple of cans of wood finish and a paintbrush.

So you don't have to be wealthy to renovate your kitchen you just need to be smart and creative. You can do things a little at a time. The ideas I have given are ones that I have done myself, these are things I have done that didn't break the bank. Two months after I did this I was able to make another change. I changed the counters along with the sink. Another 6 months later I had the money to change the flooring. Now I stand in a completely new kitchen that I am very happy and proud of.