Discover Why Gold's Gym Made The Apple The Official Gold's Gym Diet Pill

The 3 Apple a Day Diet Plan was developed by a registered dietitian, Tammi Flynn.  Tammi is also an instructor at Gold's Gym in Washington. It was there that she discovered the 3 Apple a Day Diet when one of her clients lost a considerable amount of weight simply by eating an apple before each of their major meals.  When she tested the process on some of her other clients, she discovered they also achieved amazing weight-loss simply by eating an apply before each meal. According to Tammi Flynn, 346 people lost 6,000 pounds of fat in 12 weeks using this method. Apparently the diet works so well that Gold's Gym Corporate office  adopted the apple as "The official diet pill of Gold's Gym."

Why Does It Work?

Well first of all, we've all heard the saying "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away", that's because apples are incredibly nutritious. Tammi Flynn says the 3 Apple a Day diet works because the fiber from the apples makes you feel full so you eat less and the natural sugar helps to satisfy you.  This may be true, but when you are eating a wonderful fruit like the apple it goes so much deeper than that.  There is a direct connection between the stabilization of your blood sugar and weight gain.  This is one reason why diabetic eat so frequently because it helps to stabilize the blood sugar.  If your blood sugar is not stable, it's easier for you to gain weight.  According to, This is what role apples play in the role of blood sugar stabilization:

  • Slowing down of carbohydrate digestion. Quercetin and other flavonoids found in apples act to inhibit carbohydrate-digesting enzymes like alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase. When these enzymes are inhibited, carbohydrates are broken down less readily into simple sugars, and less load is placed on our bloodstream to accommodate more sugar.
  • Reduction of glucose absorption. Polyphenols in apples clearly lower the rate of glucose absorption from our digestive tract. Once again, this change lessens the sugar load on our bloodstream.
  • Stimulation of the pancreas to put out more insulin. Getting sugar out of our bloodstream often requires the help of insulin, a hormone produced by the beta cells of our pancreas. By telling the beta cells of our pancreas to produce more insulin, the polyphenols found in apple can help us clear more sugar from our blood and keep our blood sugar level in better balance.
  • Stimulation of insulin receptors to latch on to more insulin and increase the flow of sugar out of our bloodstream and into our cells. In order for sugar to leave our bloodstream and enter our cells (especially our muscle cells), insulin receptors on those cells must bind together with the insulin hormone and create cell changes that will allow sugar to pass through the cell membrane and into the cell. (Muscle cells, for example, continuously need this uptake of sugar from the bloodstream in order to function.) Polyphenols in apples help to activate the muscle cell insulin receptors, and in this way, they help facilitate passage of sugar from our bloodstream up into our cells. Once again, the result is better blood sugar regulation in our body.
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Here is a Sample of What The 3 Apple A Day Plan Looks Like



1 Apple
Egg Casserole or a nice omelet
1 cup cooked oatmeal


1 Apple
Turkey salsa burger
2 cups steamed veggies
½ cup brown rice


1 Apple
Fish of your choice (quite a few choice)
Healthy salad

***The Diet also offers you many delicious choices for shakes/smoothies***



  • The 3 Apple a Day Diet helps to stabilize your blood sugar which is a very important factor in losing and maintaining weight
  • Suggests over 100 recipes to help you in your meal planning
  • Eating an apple before each meal does help with helping you feel full and eat less
  • The fiber in the apples helps to clean your system and reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood
  • Not a diet fad but based on sound dietary principles
  • The diet encourages intake of good lean protein, essential fats, and carbohydrates for a complete diet that keeps your body healthy
  • The book give encouraging and informative tips
  • The book includes a beverage and food log
  • The Book includes weekly exercise tracking sheets
  • The book includes a space for a before and after photo


  • There are really no cons to this diet.  The only con would probably be a slight increase in your grocery bill because of buying more apples

Overall Conclusion

There is definite merit to this diet.  It helps you eat healthy while incorporating one of the most nutritious food on the planet into your daily diet.  According to a recent study reported in USA Today that was conducted by researchers at  Pennsylvania State University:

"They had 59 normal-weight men and women come to the lab for five weeks to eat breakfast and lunch.

Before lunch, the participants were given either nothing, 1½ medium peeled, cut-up apples (about 125 calories), or a similar caloric amount of applesauce, apple juice with added fiber or apple juice without fiber. About 15 minutes later, participants were served an entree of cheese tortellini and tomato sauce.

Participants who had the raw apple consumed 187 fewer calories than at the meals when they had applesauce, juice or nothing."

The fiber and natural sugar content in the Apple, definitely has a direct impact on how much you eat. The fiber also helps with controlling the blood sugar and keeping the elimination system running effectively. 

Is The 3-Apple-A-Day Diet For Me?

Well, before beginning any diet you should alway check with your doctor and read through the information thoroughly to make sure you can keep up the diet on a daily basis.  If you don't like apples, this may not be the diet for you but you can see if there is another fruit that does something similar to what the apple does.  Overall, this appears to be a good diet, but you have to read the material to see if it fits into your lifestyle. After reading and speaking with your doctor, then you will be ready to make an informed decision and start on your weight loss journey. You can get the "3-Apple-A Day Plan: Your Foundation For Permanent Fat Loss", from Amazon.


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