Some dance apparel is just too plain and boring. Others are way too expensive for what you get. Luckily, Mirella leotards for dance come in amazing styles that are well worth the money if you want practice apparel constructed in the trendiest ways possible. What are the trends in this category of dance wear? I am seeing more design creativity with straps, backs and bodice areas  than I have ever seen before. This means a hundred more ways to show off your personal style as a dancer by your choice of leotard. Not only do I love the performing arts, but many of the awesome costumes that belong to that art form.

Jozette Camisole With Shirring 

When I heard the name Josette for the first time, it sounded totally French and frou frou like a name yoJozette CamisoleCredit: www.discountdance.comu would give to a fancy celebrity poodle in Hollywood. What the name Jozette is is a popular category of garments sold under the Mirella brand name.  This one in black is gorgeous in my opinion. The cutouts are incredibly trendy.

All of them are made to flatter a dancer's body and give her extra confidence when she checks herself out in the studio mirror. Are these designs any better than a less expensive one by Capezio, for example? Of course not. Capezio makes great leotards too. It all depends on your taste and budget.

 Lavender Camisole With Gorgeous Back Detailing

Camisole Twist Cord Open Back LeotardCredit: www.discountdance.comI love this style! Since I go for anything in girly shades of pastel colors like pink, mint green, peach and pale yellow, I find this lavender hue soft, romantic and very feminine. The back is great. This design reminds me of a favorite bathing suit I used to wear a long, long time ago.

One of the benefits of wearing clothing items constructed in unusual ways is the amount of compliments you will receive from people you know and from people you don't know. The only downside to this Mirella garment is finding it in stock. It seems to fly off the shelves at dance supply companies.

The Adult Twist-Cord Open Back Style

Adult Twist Cord Open-Back by MirelllaCredit: www.discountdance.comNormally, I am not a fan of bright, primary colors when it comes to dance apparel. Why? Because I am mentally stuck in the good old days of using traditional ballet colors for women. By that I mean pink shoes, pink tights and a black leotard. Those were the shades of choice when I was a student. The bright colors and interesting construction elements of modern design are the main reason I write so many articles about this topic. I am fascinated with the evolution of dance wear! This hot color is something else, don't you agree?.

Why Are So Many Leotards Coming With Clever Cutouts In Front Or Back?

I have a few theories about why so many dance apparel companies are getting ultra-creative with cutouts, backs and strap designs for a garment that is basically a sweat suit for a ballerina. I am sorry that I had to put it that way, but there is truth to that statement.

Number 1 : The Internet has made this industry highly competitive and each manufacturer has to "out-design" the next one to stay in business.

Number 2:  It's a novelty world we live in. People want the latest, greatest, newest, trendiest, most popular  stuff they can get their hands on; especially pre-teens and teenagers.

Number 3: If you were a fashion design student and somebody told you to take a plain leotard and transform it into something spectacular that sells, what parts would you jazz up? Since you can't chop up or transform the panty section, you are left with either tweaking the front, the back, the sides or the shoulder areas.

Number 4: Less fabric with generous cutouts means keeping cool during workouts. You can look at them as air conditioning ventilation holes made in a high-fashion way!