Books for the Homebrewer

Whether you are new to homebrewing or have several delicious homebrews under your belt, these books should be on your shelf, read and constantly referred to from the start of your first brewed batch of beer to your 1008th.

THE COMPLETE JOY OF HOMEBREWING – 3rd edition by Charlie Papazian

This is the most popular homebrewing book written and for good reason.  The Associated Press calls it, “The homebrewer’s bible.”  It is a complete guide for the beginner homebrewer trying to brew their first batch of beer.  The purpose of this book is to educate any person in the art of having fun brewing beer.  Almost immediately, Mr. Papazian gets you brewing.  On page 15 there is an equipment checklist and by page 18 a step-by-step journey through the brewing method (with pictures) will guide you through your first batch of beer.  As the book progresses, the information and methodologies become more intense.  Every part of the brewing process is explained in detail from the microbiology of yeast consumption of sugars to what types of bottles should be used and why.  Throughout the book, I never felt overwhelmed or lost.  This book truly takes the intimidation out of brewing beer and provides any literate person the knowledge to create delicious beer.

“DESIGNING GREAT BEERS – The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles” by Ray Daniels

Mr. Daniels has written a textbook on beer design.  This book is filled with tables and data for brewing a beer to fit your desired flavor, color, specific gravity, bitterness, head retention, and more.  The chemical compositions of many hop species are given and how that composition affects flavor, bitterness, and aroma.  Even the effect of the age of the hops is accounted for.  Beer styles are described in detail and award-winning beer recipes are explained and included.  A mastery of the concepts in this book will allow one to brew any beer imaginable.


“RADICAL BREWING – Recipes, Tales & World-Altering Meditations in a Glass”  by Randy Mosher

This is the homebrewer’s entertainment beer brewing book.  The basics of brewing methods and recipes are included in this book but its allure is in the history and possibilities of old and new brews.  Almost every page is filled with a fact, quote or picture related to brewing that will leave you entertained and impressed.  Pictured artifacts from Sumerian boozers and recorded brewing instructions given by Papyrus Zoismus (300 C.E) are fine examples of the unique information in this book.  The history of brewing methods from ancient times to modern-day is very interesting.  Almost every page is filled with a fact, quote or picture related to brewing that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.