What Is Critical Thinking?

It is the process of evaluating and analyzing information through observation, experience, and reasoning. This are really several interpretations of what it is, depending on whom you ask. Some people refer to it as reflective reasoning of facts and opinions. It can also be defined as looking at situations with an open mind without prejudice. No matter what the definition, this is an important skill to develop. According to one expert, most Americans are unable to think critically. Our country produces laborers, but not free thinkers. Fortunately, this skill can developed. This thinking process dates back over 2,000 years to the Ancient Greeks. It is estimated that the average person uses only about 10% of their brain capacity. If you master this lost art, you will have a daily advantage over most people. If you follow these 3 tips, you will notice an improvement in your ability to think critically:

Critical Thinking Helps Solve Problems

Critical thinkers evaluate all possible solutions to before they come to a decision. They decide if something has merit or not. These people seek relevance, consistency, and accuracy when problem solving. Separating facts from opinions is necessary. Just because you have a strong view about a subject does not mean that it is a fact. Maintaining a clear mind is essential because it eliminates your personal biases. They also have strong control over their emotions. Staying calm and focused is a trait of these thinkers. If you become too emotional, you can lose sight of reality. Critical thinkers solve everyday problems because they find shortcuts. They are economical with their time. If you develop this skill at a high level, oftentimes the result of your research will be different than you thought. For example, if you believe in a political party's platform, you may feel differently about it after gathering multiple sources. If you debate someone on a particular issue, you may be forced to readjust your view of it. Being informed is one of the hallmarks of someone thinking critically.

Critical Thinking Can Help You Make Rational Decisions

Making reasonal judgments is necessary because it helps to verify your conclusion. It helps to validate a research paper, or maybe a news article. Critical thinkers know that their decisions should be reasonable. It does not matter if they like the information they have gathered. Thinkers are more concerned about whether their facts are right or wrong. Skepticism is quality that is shared by critical thinkers. Facts are all that matter. Opinions are pushed to the side. This trait reduces the odds of them falling for scams because they question everything. You have to prove to them that your proposition is legitimate. They rely on reason instead of emotion. Evidence must be presented and a lack of it raises their suspicions. Self-awareness is another characteristic that these people have. It helps separate rational thoughts from irrational ones. Considering alternative viewpoints helps in the decision making process.

Critical Thinking Can Advance Your Career

This skill can help you work your way up the corporate ladder. It is also important when you are interviewing for a job because your thinking skills are being tested. Your potential employer wants to know that you are a problem solver. This will also give them an idea of how much you can help their company. If you are a free thinker, generating good ideas will help you get promoted. Being able to analyze and solve complex problems will make you stand out from other people in your profession. This is especially true if you choose a career in Law Enforcement. Judges have to think critically everyday because they have to come to a fair, unbiased decision. Each case they view is different, so they have to judge them with a clear mind. They must eliminate their opinions and rule based on facts. In addition to this, he or she must make sure that the courtroom runs smoothly. They must make sure that everyone in a case is treated fairly. Doctors must also practice critical thinking because people's lives are in their hands everyday. They must make critical judgments about a patient's condition and act according. Diagnosing symptoms properly is essential for proper treatment. When doctors enter the emergency room, their mind must be prepared for anything.

Critical thinking can make your life easier because it helps you solve problems. It will save you time it promotes working smarter. Over time, you will reach quicker solutions to reaching your goals. Self-awareness will become almost second nature. Rational decisions will be based on reality rather than impulse emotions. Conclusions will be based on facts rather than feelings. It can advance your career because this is an important requirement in the corporate world. Helping a company develop innovative ideas or products can bring more profits. Critical thinking is an important tool. These 3 tips can help you live a more productive life.







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