If you were to ask 100 people what the perfect vehicle was for pulling a camper chances are a big percentage of those people would say a big Ford, Chevy or Dodge diesel truck. A small percentage might say a ¾ ton truck and an even smaller group might even say a ½ ton truck. But you could just about guarantee that not a single person would say something like a Chevy S10, Ford Ranger or some random SUV. The truth is though the reason most people would pick those big trucks as the best is because that is the most common setups you see on the road and in camp grounds all over the country. But just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s the best. If you are the owner of a small pickup truck or SUV you might have thought that you were out of luck. That if you wanted to buy a camper you would also have to buy a new and bigger truck. But as you will soon learn there are many campers for small pickups and SUVs available.

Three Small Campers for Small Pickups and Other Vehicles

The Sylvansport Go

The first camper on our list is the Sylvansport Go and if you have seen or heard of the Go youSylvansport Go Hauling Trailer and Camper are about to be blown away. The Go (see picture) is the most unique travel trailer you will ever see. It is a cross between a hauling trailer and a pop up camper. One minute you’re hauling your four wheeler, canoe, kayaks, mountain bikes or what ever else you might be into and the next minute you setting up your two man, or woman, camper. The frame of the Go is all aluminum with a total weight of 800 pounds. Making it light enough for the smallest of trucks or even a car for that matter. It has a maximum load capacity of 800 pounds which is plenty for just about any outdoor hobby you might have. And the built in racking system is compatible with Thule and Yakima accessories as well as many other. Other trailer accessories include LED lights, cast aluminum wheels, reinforced diamond plate flooring, tie downs and even a waterproof electrical system so you can use it as a small boat trailer. The camper part of this set up is just as nice with UV resistant plastic storage boxes; waterproof and lockable gear storage units, insulated bed platform, a self inflating air mattress, an awning and a Kelty tent system. The retail price for a base model Sylvansport Go is about $7500 but considering what you are getting this seem like a steel. For more detailed information and to find out where you can see one for yourself check out their website at Sylvansport.com.

The Camp Inn Tear Drop Travel Trailer

Another very unique looking camper is the Camp Inn Tear Drop travel trailer. There are threeCamp Inn Raindrop Teardrop Travel Trailer models available the 500, 550 and the 560 and all I can say is that these trailers are just awesome. And so that you will know what is possible with the Tear Drop I will describe some of the features of the top of the line 560 Raindrop model. It is five foot wide ten feet long has an all aluminum exterior, stainless steel fenders and an insulated roof. It has panoramic front windows, two side windows and an entry door on each side. There is even an option for a sunroof. That enough about the outside now lets move on to the interior of the Raindrop. It has an all wood interior, a queen size sleeping area, a front couch that turns into 56” bunk beds for kids, upper cabinets, under floor storage, a roof fan and there is even the options for a TV and air conditioning. And as great as all this sounds there is more. Back on the outside in the front is a kitchen area with everything you could possibly need. Including all of the following items which are made from stainless steel the counter tops, a foldable dining table, a kitchen sink and cooler stand. There is a propane cooking stove, fire extinguisher, birch wood cabinets and even a utensil drawer. Other features include water and electrical hookup. The prices on the Tear Drop range from about $8000 for the basic 500 model up to about $18,000 for the top of the line 560 Rain Drop. There are also many accessories available for each model. For more information visit their site at Tinycamper.com.

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The Casita Patriot 13 foot Travel Trailer

Now the last camper on our list of small campers for small pickups is the Casita Patriot 13 footCasita Patriot 13ft Travel Trailer travel trailer. The Patriot and other Casita models look more like a typical travel trailer with all the same features and accessories only they much smaller. It is made of a two piece custom molded gel coated marine grade fiberglass. It comes with electric brakes, LED lights, water and electric hookups with 25’ service cord, outside storage compartments, two 20lb gas bottles, a battery pack and an exterior 110v outlet. The interior is also packed with feature for example it has molded fiberglass furniture with four inch cushions, over head cabinets, interior lights, comes with carpet or vinyl flooring, opening windows, a six gallon water heater, a two burner cook stove and a sink. There is also a fifteen gallon black water tank, a sixteen gallon fresh water tank and a thirteen gallon grey water holding tank. Other options that can be added include a TV antenna with amplifier, cable ready, a TV shelf and an awning. 

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Now this list is but a few of the many different small campers available and I advise you to do some homework before you buy anything. A few other models you may want to take a look at would be the Scamp 13 foot trailer and the Burro 14 foot trailer. So as you can see if you are the owner a small pickup truck, SUV or even a car that there is no reason to run out and buy a big new truck just because you want a camper. Good luck with your search and happy camping.