Anyone that has kids or has ever been around kids in a car for more than an hour knows how fast those little guys and gals can fall asleep. It is almost comical. But what isn’t comical is the way their little heads just flop all over the place as they sleep. It’s almost enough to make your own neck hurt just looking at them. That is why once my kids got a little older and we started traveling a lot we invested in some children’s travel pillows and it has made a world of difference in the way they sleep. No more bouncing and flopping heads in my back seats. Now before I purchased the neck pillows for my two boys I did a lot of research trying to find what I considered the best one. I narrowed it down to three different pillows based on price and reviews. Finally I just had to pick one because all three seemed so nice. Below you will find a list of the three pillows I picked and hopefully it will help you save some time sorting through all the less superior travel pillows like I had too.

Children's Travel Pillows worth Buying

In no particular order here is what I consider the three best children’s travel pillows worth buying. Just to note you will notice that one is not specifically marketed towards children but this doesn’t mean that it is not great travel pillows for older kids.Noodlehead Childrens travel Pillow

1) Noodlehead Travel Buddies Neck Pillow – A super soft hypoallergenic neck pillow that is designed to look like a stuffed animal. There are about fifteen different animals to choose from so finding one your kids will love should be an easy task. Noodleheads have won many awards over the years including Dr. Toy Best Vacation Products of 2005 and Creative Child Magazines Seal of Excellence in 2007. One thing that makes the Noodleheads superior to other kids travel pillows is that they are machine washable I mean what kid doesn’t drool when they sleep especially in the car. These pillows are designed for kid’s ages 2 to about 10 but this is just a guide if you have extra big or small kids these pillows may not fit. So be sure to purchase from somewhere that accepts returns.

Noodlehead Travel Buddies Neck Pillow - Cat
Amazon Price: $15.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 1, 2013)

2) Baby Einstein Cozy Caterpillar Neck Support – A cute, colorful soft pillow that is shaped like a caterpillar. It is recommended for toddler aged children. Spot cleaning is recommended.

Baby Einstein Cozy Caterpillar Neck Support
Amazon Price: $69.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 1, 2013)

3) TravelRest The Travel Pillow Reinvented – This inflatable travel pillow is not specifically designed for children but is still a good option for older kids or even mom and dad. The TravelRest pillow attaches to back of the seat or headrest on one end and to the seatbelt on the other end. This helps it to support your entire body not just you head. Inflating the pillow is very easy and only takes a few deep breaths, deflating is just as easy and only takes seconds. Has far as cleaning goes the best thing you can do is to buy the micro-fleece cover that is sold separately or you can use a regular pillow cover from home. This way you can just through the cover in the wash. When the pillow is not being used it can be rolled up and stored away.

Well there you go three extremely nice highly rated children’s travel pillows. Hopefully with the help of one of these pillows your little guys and/or gals will have a more comfortable trip.