Course play is a fantastic mod. The reason this is my number one mod is because this allows you to run your farm autonomously. When I mean to say is, you can set of one of your tractors to collect forage while you are combining on another field.

Another great reason why I love this particular mod is because you can have it  collect your hay bales. You can do this by simply by offsetting the course that you planned out before.

Furthermore, you can set up this mod to bale  hay as well. This is by far my favorite reason to use this mod. I love it  so much because you can have your round baler pop out bales automatically without you having to stop.

One last reason. This mod can also take your tipper to the co-op. What that means is you can have a continual stream of income as long as your combine is harvesting.

For those reasons, course play is my number one mod.

I have attached a video to show how to se up this mod.

Courseplay Tutorial

2-Money Mod

Money mod is another fun mod. What it allows you to do is add $1 million into your bank account. It is so fantastic because you start with so little in farming simulator 2013.

In order to add $1 million to your bank account, you simply press control alt and zero. That will add $1 million to her account.

If you don't care so much about the financial part, this lot allows you to simply play the game. You can start using all the fancy equipment right from the start using this mod.

3-Flatlands 2013 V2

This is my favorite map because it is flat. When playing a game I don't want to have to go around everything. The other nice part about this map, is that it has centralized all the animals.

By centralizing all the animals, it allows you to bring all your hay and your feed to one single place. This makes your life easier. You don't have to traipse around the map to get things, unless you are collecting crops.