Your exercise program is failing you, you're not getting the results you want. You have all the exercises, all the machines with all the sets and reps planned out for you. The difficulty is there and your providing it, yet you may just be working hard but not smart.

What if I told you that there's only 3 exercises that are the most effective for largest muscle gain and fat loss? It's no secret, it's only been forgotten and yet everyday it's being rediscovered like it's the next big thing.

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Body builders, powerlifters, and fitness athletes (and babies) all use these exercises. If it's not in their program, they will not succeed in what they are doing. There's no rocket science in why they use these and it is not only functional but very effective. You can expect results almost 10 times faster than ever.

I'm not here to give you anything new, only to reinforce the facts. The muscles worked in this are the biggest so they very demanding (mentally and physically) and need a lot of concentration. Please perfect the form before adding weight to your bar to make sure your health and safety! And if you have any problems with your joints, please check with your doctor before performing these exercises. If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout than click here. 

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the 3 big secrets?

1. Squats


You squat all the time, whether you know it or not. When you are a baby, you squat. When you don't have a toilet around and you really need to go, you squat. They are a very functional exercise and they are very effective in terms of burning fat and building muscle. Your legs have the biggest muscle: the quadriceps. When you work the biggest muscle your body has, you tend to burn more fat and more muscle gets built all around your body. 

As you squat, it will strengthen the tendons and muscles around the knees, hips and legs. Which is very good news because as you age, they tend to get weaker! There are different stances to use for this exercise. There is no best one so use this to your advantage to see which one you feel most comfortable with. Additionally, you can you use your bodyweight as a starting point to prime your body and legs for more resistance in the next few workouts.


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This is another great functional exercise. You may have heard of this exercise so keep in mind anything can be dangerous if you let it to be. That's why you should practice the form before adding on weight. This exercise has a perfect name as deadlifts start from a barbell that's basically dead on the ground.
It doesn't require any equipment or spotters as it only needs resistance and you. This is a great exercise for all of your body, starting from your grip to the buttom of your feet. Your back will be grateful as this will strengthen all your back including your lowerback. All of your muscles will be involved in this exercise, it is very safe just start with your bodyweight to practice the form and slowly add weight.

3. Mixed Cardio Drills



Cardio can be boring, don't let anyone tell you different. Just kidding, you can make cardio very exciting. If you're doing 20 to 60 minutes of cardio, great for you! But don't you want the results to come faster? Mixed cardio drills are very intense which is the key to fat burning.

You don't want your cardio to be long and boring because then your body will be smart and start saving fat for energy because your long durations of cardio requires fat and some carbs for energy.

Try warming up on the treadmill, then after 5 minutes jump on the bike for 2 minutes and increase your speed and level by 10 to 20 percent until you reach your highest speed or level at 1 minute 30 seconds. For the last 30 seconds go as fast and hard as you can. Cool down for 30 seconds and jump back on the treadmill to jog for 3 minutes. Then go back on the bike or find a skipping rope to skip for 2 minutes and repeat the same drill as before.

How intense is that? You will find your metabolism to be melting your food away for days after this workout. This is what's different about mixed cardio drills or high intensity cardio, you not only burn fat in the same day as the cardio is performed, but your metabolism stays at an all time high for at least 48 hours.

The key here is to shock your body, work as hard as possible in as little time as possible. Generally 15 minutes is the minimum, 30 minutes should be the most.

The Results

Basically, work the biggest muscles for the best results. The more intense your workout is, the better your fat burning and muscle gains will be. High intensity workouts help your metabolism stay high and strong for days after your workout and helps your catabolic state stay far away from activating (catabolic: "muscle loss").

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These exercises are no secret and most people are intimated from them as they are need a lot of concentration and work. But the results out weigh the intimation so why not try these at a body weight resistance?

If you're trying to be as healthy and strong as you can be, these exercises will help you become your very best.

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