As Ogden Nash once wrote, forever putting romance into perspective for jerks that just want a quick way to get into another persons' pants, "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker." So thus, candy infused liquor must be like rocket fuel into naked town, right?

While I have no way of knowing if candy infused liquor is the rocket fuel of romance, it certainly is tasty. For those who like vodka cocktails but cannot stomach a vodka shot, these recipes are great news for you. These recipes provide a little bit extra pizazz to any great vodka cocktail, as long as you use some sense into what flavors mix well with what.

As for just drinking it straight up, it makes it better and easier. Due to a little too much partying in college, I thought I had completely ruined liquor for myself forever. I just could not drink like I used to and shots were definitely a no-no. However, infusing the vodka with candy makes the vodka sweeter, more flavorful (and taste less like burning death), and gives it less of an after burn. Never before have I been able to swish a shot around in my mouth and not feel like dying.

skittles vodka

Skittles Vodka

Skittles vodka is kind of like the celebrity of all candy infused vodkas. There are several different ways to make it, but it can be surprisingly easy to mess up. So thus, I will use the way that I have personally tried and had success with.

What you will need:

  • A bottle of vodka ( I have found that Svendka vodka tastes the best for some reason. Remember, cheap vodka is almost all burn.)
  • Skittles
  • A container or containers with a lid (I suggest some kind of tupperware) to infuse the ingredients in
  • A container or containers to store the finished product in
  • Coffee filters

First you must start by separating your skittles into individual color coded piles. If you want to do a vodka that uses two flavors, go for it. However, i recommend not mixing green or purple skittles with other colors. While by themselves they make a tasty infusion, mixed with other colors they make brown vodka. Offering people brown vodka and saying it is skittles vodka is just not appetizing.

When buying your skittles, I suggest buying two large bags or one king sized bag. Especially if you are going to make a lot or a lot of just one flavor. There are lots of flavors in a skittles bag so there are surprisingly less of each flavor individually. Worst case, you buy too much and have some candy to eat. I feel your pain, man.

Now it is time to mix your skittles with your vodka. The rule of thumb is for every 1/4 cup of skittles, you add a cup of vodka. I have found that that ratio is the best for creating tasty infusions with the least burn. However, less is often a sweeter affair so keep that in mind.

Seal the container then shake vigorously for 30 seconds to get the process started. You can shakes several more times throughout the day, but let it sit over night.

Now grab a singular coffee filter and wet it and wring it out. Wetting the coffee filter allows you to get more vodka as less with absorb into the filter. Use a rubber band or your fingers to hold the coffee filter in place and allow your vodka to filter. You have to do this as skittles is a kind of a waxy candy so there will be little bits of junk in your vodka otherwise.

Now you can drink or funnel into flasks / containers for storage. This stuff keeps just like normal vodka so do not feel the NEED to overindulge. I recommend chilling the storage container before serving. All alcohols' flavor is better with a chill. Except British beer.

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starburst vodka

Starburst Vodka

Starburst vodka is more mellow, as I have found out, than Skittles vodka. I actually think I may prefer it more. Starburst will usually if prepared right fully dissolve in vodka, but it does dissolve into a layer of foam.

What you will need:

  • A bottle of vodka (Again, I use Svendka. No cheap stuff guys.)
  • Starbursts
  • A container with a lid to infuse the vodka
  • A container to store the infusion
  • Coffee Filters

Buy either a large bag of starbursts or two normal sized bags and separate your starbursts by color. I have found that starbursts work better than skittles for creating mixed flavors. Try making a strawberry lemon flavor. It is pretty amazing.

Mix the starburst and the vodka. Since starbursts are bigger than skittles, I would use a half a cup of starbursts to every cup of vodka.

Shake the mixture vigorously throughout the day and let sit overnight or until the starbursts have dissolved into a foam top.

While starbursts will leave little to no bits or pieces in your vodka, it still needs to be strained through a wet coffee filter. When the starbursts dissolves, they makes a foam on top of the vodka. I know from experience that the foam is absolutely disgusting. So strain it so that the foam is left in a layer on the coffee filter.

Pour into your storage containers and chill before serving. I really insist on chilling with starburst vodka as I believe it truly improves the taste. At very least, serve over ice. Since starburst is fruitier and mellower than skittles, I found it mixes really good in sodas. Add the lemon to some sprite or the cherry to some coke. This is one of the rare times vodka mixes well with soda.

jolly rancher vodka

Jolly Rancher Vodka

Jolly Rancher vodka is probably the simplest of all of these.

What you will need:

  • Vodka (Svendka. Still no cheap stuff, guys.)
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • A container to store the vodka

Buy a bag of jolly ranches, I have found that a single bag is really enough for this once as you do not need as many candies and there is a fairly even amount of flavors to a bag.

This recipes is the easiest because there is no need to filter the vodka after it infused. Jolly ranchers are great because there is no waxy bits like skittles and no gross foam like starbursts. So this time, you can just drop your jolly ranchers into the storage containers.

This time you do not even have to shake the container either. You will notice the jolly ranchers start dissolving right away. After about a day they will have dissolved into nothingness and the vodka is ready to serve. Compared to the other candies, Jolly Rancher vodka has a sharper taste. I find them more flavorful.