Fantastic coats for women

Who says diamonds are a women’s only best friend? Today, there are a lot of things that we women love and appreciate. However, it is practical and beneficial to get things that we can use every day. That is not to say you should forget about luxuries like jewelries. Rather, it is best to put your money on essential items first, like coats.

Coats are great pieces of clothing you can use in winter, autumn, and even spring and summer. They can be affordable, provide warmth, and are a great way to show off your unique style. However, with the hundreds of coat styles, fabric, and designs today, which ones should you be getting?  Today, let us share with you the three coats every woman should have.

Trench Coat:  Trench coats are very flexible coats and can be used in autumn, winter, and even spring. Formerly designed for avoiding rain showers, trench coats are now articles of clothing used to showcase your unique style. From formal to classy to sexy, a trench coat can easily match your personality and the weather. Trench coats are usually made from cotton and leather. However, today, trench coats are produced from wool, polyester, and even satin. 

Full-length trench coats usually reach down to the knee. However, most trench coats for women today only fall half down the thighs. If you are looking to get a coat for the cold season, a think trench coat is the best option. For the chilly days of spring, you may opt for spring trench coats which are thinner. Depending on the style, brand, and fabric used, a trench coat may cost you anywhere from $45 to $800.

Pea Coat:  Pea coats or pilot coats are coats usually made from heavy wool. Intended as an outer coat, pea coats are best used in the colder days of winter, when the cold weather is generally unbearable. They were originally designed for sailors which is why they usually come in navy and have a double-breasted design.  Currently, however, new designs are being released to accommodate women’s needs and fashion. 

Nowadays, there are pea coats that compliment women’s figure and styles that come in fabric such as cashmere and fur. Like trench coats, pea coats now come in varying designs – some are form-fitting, some have ruffles, and others come in different colors like white, pink, and even plaid.
You can easily buy pea coats in a nearby military surplus store or, more conveniently, from an online or department. Pea coats may cost anywhere from $35 to around $800.

Down Coat:  Regardless if you need a coat for the peak of winter or when you go skiing, a down coat is an essential coat women must have. Down coats are usually expensive, thanks to the warmer material . You can usually get down coats for $90 to over $1000, depending on the brand, fabric, and design. Nonetheless, they offer the most warmth. Even when your surroundings are covered with thick snow, you can rest assured that you will not freeze.

Down coats are also generally made waterproof, further assuring you will keep warm. If you plan to buy a down coat, however, you might want to check its fill power. The higher the fill power, the warmer the coat is. Preferable a fill power of 550 or more if best.
With the plethora of choices we now have, finding the best coats has become quite challenging. Nevertheless, while you might want to go for trendy and fun, you must still think of the long-term and use and get the coats that will match your wardrobe even after years of changing seasons. Get the three coats we recommend and you might not need to find a new coat again.