Using social networking sites for marketing purposes can be a very rewarding investment of time, providing you do it correctly. It's not as easy as signing up for twitter and putting a link to your company's website, that will get you one or two clicks at the most. It takes a lot of hard work and research in order to establish a strong social networking presence, and along the way there is a lot of easy ways to make mistakes. Generally, there are three areas where a company can make these mistakes.

1. Spam

You don't appreciate spam in your inbox, so why would your customers? No one wants to open up twitter and find a hundred and one tweets in their feed consisting of only links to Take it slow, and don't update your status with a link unless something new is available or there is an event they need to know about. Limit it to three tweets a day during usual circumstances. During an event or contest tweet as much as you like, but remember not to overdo it! Over tweeting will lead to a permanent ban from twitter, and a negative view towards your brand from the people who were spammed.

2. Few Tweets

Tweeting too much isn't good, but tweeting once a week won't do you very good. In order for people to find you on twitter, you need to have your description filled out and many tweets containing relevant keywords and links (used in context of course). If you only have ten tweets no one will know what you are about! Most 'twits' follow well over 100 other 'twits' so if you only update your status every now and then, no one will see it in their feed. It will be drowned out by all the other tweets.

3. No Marketing

Just because your twitter account is to market your main website doesn't mean you shouldn't market your twitter account. Link to it on your main website and let people know. For example, at the bottom of this page you will see Infobarrel has their Feed, Facebook and Twitter links. This drives more people to their social network pages, and in turn their friends and their friends and their friends.... It goes on.

So there you have it, three things to avoid when using Twitter for social network marketing. Make sure you stay away from those methods and your marketing should be a success. Other than those, use your head and seriously consider that if you were the consumer, would you appreciate your companies methods?

Happy Marketing!