A fireplace is definitely the focal point of the home, and those lucky enough to have their own fireplace enjoy it because it looks so elegant and makes the room feel so cozy and comfortable.Best of all, it gives warmth when it is freezing cold outside.There are also lots of different fireplace accessories available that the owner can choose according to his or her taste.

Logs are arranged on a metallic vessel called a fireplace grate which enables the fire to pull all the air it needs to keep a nice draft going and prevents smoke from coming into the room.

Fireplace grates are usually made of cast iron or steel bar, there are also grate heaters available for burning wood.These are hollow and tubular and blow hot air when heated.Steel bar fireplace grates are used only to burn wood because coal will not stay on the steel bars which are spread too far apart.To burn both wood and coal it is recommended to use cast iron fireplace grates because they will hold the embers on the grate for longer.If you are looking for grates that last for a long time it is recommended to purchase grates made of cast iron instead of steel bar.

Here is a short presentation of 3 common types of fireplace grates.

1.Steel bar fireplace grates are made of steel bar that can be thin or thick, the thicker the bars the longer it will last.The bars are widely spaced meaning you can only burn wood on it.You can choose a fireplace grate depending on how often you use your fireplace.If you plan to use your fireplace only a few times per year you can purchase a cheap light duty grate with thin steel bars and for daily or weekly use a heavy duty grate made of thick steel bars.When it comes to steel bar fireplace grates you should always burn hard wood on it instead of soft wood.Soft wood adds a lot of stress to the grate and it will not last for as long.

2.If you are going to burn both wood and coal in your fireplace, then you will need a fireplace grate made of cast iron.This type of grate has small gaps in the bottom to allow chunks of wood and coal to stay on the grate for longer.There are different types of cast iron fireplace grates on the market depending on how often you are using your fireplace.Choose a light weight grate for rare use and a heavy weight grate for daily or weekly use.A heavy weight cast iron fireplace grate is the most expensive but it can be used for every situation and will last for a very long time.Buying a cheap grate will be more expensive in the long run because it has to be replaced more often.

3.Grate heaters are another common type of fireplace grates.Grate heaters are just hollow tubs that blow hot air when heated.These are controlled by a thermostat that turns on and off automatically when the tubing gets hot.The more expensive the grate heaters are the more efficient they are.Cheap grate heaters are inefficient and needs to be replaced quite often.

Fireplace grates may rust over time because there are moisture in the firebox.You can add a chimney to keep moisture out of the firebox and prevent the grates from rusting.