Everyone loves spending a day in the great outdoors fishing, right? One of the great things about fishing is all of the cool gadgets that are now available for fisherman. Simply put, technology has taken the fishing industry by storm. This guideline will go over a few of the coolest gadgets for fisherman, such as line counters, digital fish scales and quick fillet tools. To purchase all of the fishing equipment that you will ever need, check out stores like Hammacher Schlemmer and Bass Pro Shops.

1. Line Counters

As you already probably know, different fish hang out at different depths in the water. If you are trying to catch a specific type of fish, then your bait line needs to be at the correct depth. Line counters are deigned to connect to your fishing pole. Every time your line reaches an additional 1 foot of depth, the line counter will tell you. Most line counters are able to count to 999 feet. If you have caught a fish that is fighting, the line counter is designed to automatically release your line so you have some leeway to work with. Most automatic line counters feature adjustable release pressure, as well, which means they can be used in all fishing conditions.

2. Digital Fish Scales

Digital fish scales are a must for all fishermen. With a digital fish scale, you simply put the fish at the end of the hook and hold the fish scale. A chain will drop out of the fish scale and the weight of the fish will appear on the LCD screen. Digital fish scales are generally water resistant, which means you can take them fishing with you to weigh fish as soon as you catch them. One of the great things about digital fish scales are their built-in memory. If you purchase a digital fish scale with built-in memory, you will be able to store the weight of at least 10 fish, which helps you track your progress. Basic digital fish scales are capable of weighing fish that are as large as 50 pounds.

3. Quick Fillet Tools

Have you ever wished that you had an extra pair of hands when you are filleting fish? Quick fillet tools are designed to fit on any standard cutting and fillet boards. Basically, the quick fillet tool clamps onto the cutting board you are using. You then secure the fish you are filleting to the quick fillet tool, which means you don't have to worry about holding onto that slippery fish anymore. Most quick fillet tools are stainless steel, which means you can get them wet without having to worry about them rusting. If you are a fan of sushi or you like cooking your fish as soon as you catch it, a quick fillet tool will surely come in handy.