There are many ways to change your life dramatically for the good and make life more interesting. These are the things what I do everyday change my life and I hope that you can change yours as well.


Lucid Dreaming

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You have probably heard of lucid dreaming and maybe some of you have. There are some ways to lucid dream that I have found didn't work. The best way to lucid dream is actually quite easy. Before you go to sleep you should tell yourself that you are going to lucid dream and what you will dream about. Repeat this to yourself about ten times before falling asleep. But whats the point of lucid dreaming if you can't remember it. To remember it you should write what you dream in a dream journal next to your bed right when you wake up. If you can you should sleep in because that will help you remember your dreams better and more completely. It takes about a week or two until you can lucid dream with ease but it is worth it.


Bullying(134130)Credit: www.bluedragontkd.netIf anybody reading this is still in school this is the section for you. If you are getting bullied in school there is an easy way out of it. Lets say that people are calling you names and pushing you around. This happened to me when I changed schools and had to start again. All you need to do is ignore them and laugh about what they say. I talked to my nephew about this and he said that he tried this and it didn't work. This was about a month after I gave him this same advice. When I asked him how long he tried he said about a week. I told him to not give up and next time I saw him he not only got rid of the bully but made friends with him. If this still doesn't work which will happen if you are getting bullied by multiple people. You might need to prove you're tough. You have to fight back, but I'm not saying that you have to get in a full on fist fight but you need to push back and call them names too. This seems like it won't help and will just promote negative behavior, but in most cases it actually will help and let them know not to mess with you.

Speed Reading

Speed reading rabbitCredit: tristarkarate.comDo you want to be able to ready things quickly and with ease. If you know what speed reading is you think that to speed read you need to be incredibly smart but you really just need to train yourself. You need to start out by reading a small section (like this article) and read it once at normal speed while timing yourself. Then slowly increase speed and set goals for yourself with less and less time to read it. Soon you will stop saying each word in your head and just read it. When you do that you should read it a few more times just to get used to reading like that. After that you should be able to read quickly and with ease.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you use these tricks in your everyday life.