Make Gift Cards a Sweet Treat

Box of Chocolates(122407)
  • Stick it on the top of a box of fancy chocolates, or tuck it inside the box as long as the box is not sealed and the card is not directly touching the chocolate inside. If the person you are giving your gift to doesn't like chocolate you could also choose a box of gourmet jelly beans, trial-sized packs of gourmet coffee, or a gourmet food sampler box.
  • Tape the card to a king-sized candy bar or pack of bubble gum and tie a ribbon around it. A few healthier options for your friends and family who are health consciousness are granola bars, power bars, or sugar-free gum or candy. 

Take a Look in a Book

Open Book
  • Place the it in the inside cover of a brand new novel, a stack of comic books, a couple new picture books, a magazine, or a coloring or activity book before wrapping with wrapping paper. You could even stick it in a new Bible or other religious book for faith-based family and friends. 
  • Tuck a card for a craft store inside an empty scrapbook for crafty people, a blank journal for writer friends, a sketchbook for artist friends, or a photo album for a newly married couple or expectant parents.  

Play Hard to Get

Nesting Dolls
  • Freeze the gift card in a block of ice or bury in a large tin of popcorn. Be careful not to damage the card or choose potentially acidic foods to avoid destroying the card.
  • Make a homemade snow globe from an old jelly jar and stick the gift card inside. Just make sure not to permanently seal the jar when you're finished. 
  • Place it in a small box and place that box inside a number of other different sized boxes like a set of nesting dolls. Fill the boxes with packing peanuts for extra fun and laughs. 


Three Bonus Gift Card Giving Ideas:

  • Stick it in a Christmas stocking
  • Hang it from the Christmas tree
  • Tie it to a bottle of wine