Value and Simplicity

3 Daily tasks to get the most out of your Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire.  A beautifully simple tablet that serves as a gateway to all the media you love.  But did you know there is extra value packed away in your Kindle Fire?  That there are three simple things you should do every day to maximize your Kindle Fire?  These simple tasks can unlock a world of free/inexpensive apps or other media that could keep you entertained at minimum cost.

Kindle Fire HDX

Step 1:  The Free App of the Day (and Amazon Coins)

Yes, that's right, Amazon delivers a free app of the day on their appstore.  Everyday, 365 days a year!  How great is that!?  Some days it's a game that would normally set you back $.99.  Other days it's a high-powered business app that normally goes for $7.99.  Either way, you can't beat free.  Simply touch "Apps" in the menu bar, tap "Store" in the upper right hand corner, and you will arrive at the Amazon App Store.  Usually the free app of the day is featured right on the appstore homepage.  If not, swipe through the featured deals until you find it.  Download the free app and give it a test drive.  If you see no value in it, delete it!  It will stay in your cloud and you can re-download free if you suddenly have a use for it.  Do this every day to build your library of apps and get the most out of you Kindle Fire.  


Don't forget about Amazon Coins!  These coins serve as a virtual currency that you can buy for a discounted rate (compared to cash), then use the coins to buy apps.  Amazon also runs deals to reward your purchases with even more coins on certain apps.  For example, recently I downloaded 5 free apps that gave me 200 free coins, which I then used to pay for a moderately priced game.  But by purchasing that game, Amazon rewarded me with 2000 free coins.  That's worth about $20 cash to spend in their appstore.  By chaining the right purchases together, you can really come away with some fantastic bankroll to buy apps you really want without having to lay out the cash.  Again, free is good!



Step 2:  Daily Deals on Books

After you have investigated the free app of the day, tap on the "home" button, then tap the "books" link at the top of your screen.  Select "Store" in the upper-right hand corner and you are directed to the Amazon Kindle bookstore.  On this page, you should see which books are labeled Kindle Daily Deals.  It is usually a selection of at least 4-5 books you can buy for around $1.99 each.  The genres vary daily, but you can find some real winners if you are diligent and check every day.  Some recent scores for me include Kurt Vonnegut, Green Lantern, Vol. 4, and so on.  By doing this simple task, you can build up your virtual library and really start to dig into what your Kindle Fire was designed to do...entertain.

kindle daily deal


Step 3: $5 Music

Did you know that Amazon sells MP3s?  While iTunes remains the market leader in downloadable music, Amazon is quickly stepping up to the competition with deals like $5 music.  Approximately every month, Amazon introduces several whole albums into its $5 music sale.  They add new selections almost every day so by utilizing this simple tip, you might be able to score some great tunes for cheap!  From the home screen, tap "music", then "store" in the upper-right hand corner.  You are directed to the music store and then you need to swipe through the featured artists and deals until you come to $5 Music.  Tap on the picture in the features carousel and you will be directed to a page listing all the deals for that day/month.  Amazon features several greatest hits collections, but you can score some recent albums if you are paying attention.  Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" and The Head and the Heart's "Let's Be Still" were $5 albums in the past few months, so by checking every day you could really stock your record shelf for little cash.


Hidden Value

The Kindle Fire is a phenomenal tablet for the money.  By utilizing the tips above on a daily basis, you can continue to add value to your Kindle Fire.  Be diligent in your checking.  It takes maybe 3-4 minutes to do all 3 steps, but you could land some fantastic deals if you are paying attention.  Doing so could save you money on a daily basis.  Who knows?  You might even be able to go buy a cup of coffee with your savings and take a few hours to dig into your latest book find at your local Starbucks.  








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