Choosing a career can be confusing, especially with the ever changing job market.  Careers that once were popular ten years ago are now almost extinct because of the changes in technology and the economy.  Here are three degrees to consider that are most likely going to be popular in the future, and where you can earn the degree online if you are a distant learner.

Computer Science:  There are many specialty areas in this growing field and many are going to explode in popularity over the next decade.  Degrees in game development, forensic computer analyst, and data entry are just a few areas that you can earn big bucks.  If you are into technology, this field is continuing to grow and has a good outlook in the future. You can also find many resources and links to schools that offer online degrees for this field and others.

Cloud Computing Engineer:  If you looked up cloud computing on a search engine, most of the information about it would seem like science fiction that only computer geeks can figure out.  But Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Gmail all can thank cloud computing for being able to store data and access it from any computer.  Engineers are needed to brainstorm ways to cut costs and enhance usability.  This degree is going to be one of the top degrees of the future. Read more about degrees in the industry. There are several good computer related options.

Virtual Services Worker:  The internet and the way we use it has changed dramatically over the last decade.  Online sites such as eBay may have started out as a small recreational way to clean out your closet and make money by auctioning your things, but now small internet businesses are everywhere and more and more people are buying products online.  Someone will need to run all of these countless online businesses and that someone is going to have to have computer skills, marketing skills, and customer service skills. There are not many degrees being offered for this career, but you will need some pretty remarkable skills to be successful with this career and many online colleges are offering different types of degrees that can help make you stand out to land this type of position. Read more about getting your education online in this article that hilights choices and optios .

There are many new careers and degrees that are popping up on the internet every day and many of them are replacing the standard office jobs.  Those jobs will soon be a thing of the past and if you want to stay very marketable in today’s rapidly changing job markets, you will need to check out some new job trends and research colleges that offer online courses.