Too many people associate eating healthy with vomiting profusely in the toilet after eating tuna fish for the 5th time in one day. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be gross.  You can eat healthy and still cater to your taste buds.  The benefits of healthy eating are too vast to cover but they include looking better, feeling better, being more productive, thinking clearer, being happier, having better skin, not getting tooth cavities, and living longer.  That’s right, living longer.  So if you want to have tiger blood like Charlie Sheen, start eating healthy foods.  These are a few that I think are the most beneficial.


    Broccoli has too many benefits to name.  Preventing the common cold is one of them.  Haven’t doctors been searching for the cure to the common cold for like, ever?  Well broccoli may not cure it, but it definitely will help prevent it.  And if you already have a cold it’ll probably get you feeling better a lot quicker too.  Besides boosting up your immune system, eating broccoli also prevents cataracts, helps with high blood pressure, helps prevent cancers, and has a lot of fiber to help straighten things up downstairs.  I feel like most people hate broccoli.  I think the reason why is because uncooked broccoli is pretty gross.  Some good ways to eat it are boiled and then topped with some salt and pepper and some lemon juice.  You could also mix it in with some meat and other vegetables and make a stir fry (yum).


      Yes, pumpkin.  Bet you didn’t know that.  Pumpkin’s health benefits include a lot of the same ones as broccoli.  Preventing eye disease, boosting the immune system, preventing heart disease, and reversing skin damage done by the sun are also some of the health benefits of eating pumpkin.  Pretty awesome.  Besides that, pumpkin also helps balance hormone levels and stress.  Yes, if you eat pumpkin you will be a genuinely happier person.  Thank me later.  Now you might be thinking, “There’s no way I’m going to the store and buying a pumpkin to eat”.  Well you don’t have to.  The good news is, it’s almost Halloween so you can just go out and steal your neighbors.  Ok, I’m kidding, but you really don’t need to get an actual pumpkin to eat pumpkin.  Most grocery stores sell cans of 100% pure pumpkin.  You can buy it there and use it to make a healthy version of pumpkin pie.  Yes, it’s possible; just do a little further research, maybe I’ll write another article for this.

      3. Extra Virgin Olive oil

        This stuff is very good for you.  Besides preventing heart disease, colon cancer, pretty much any other type of cancer, and all that other good stuff olive oil does another really cool thing.  It helps with insulin sensitivity.  You lost me.  To keep a long story short, insulin is a hormone that delivers nutrients to muscle cells and fat cells in your body.  What olive oil does is it helps your body deliver those nutrients that you’re eating to your muscle cells instead of your fat cells.  You can see how this works out for you.  Less fat, more muscle.  Sweet.  Ways to eat olive oil?  Put it on your salads (also throw some broccoli in there and kill two birds with one stone if you can stomach the raw kind), cook with it (although some say cooking with it wrecks its health benefits I think that’s a bunch of hoo-ha), or take shots of it straight.  Yes, I’m serious.  Bodybuilders have been doing that for years to add extra calories and good fats that are found in olive oil to their diets.  It takes some getting used to and a method of actually doing it but you can do it if you really want to.  Put some water in your mouth first and then just down it.  It’s not all that bad.

                       Eating healthy doesn’t have to suck.  It’ll make you feel better and eventually you won’t even want bad foods.  You’ll crave the healthy ones.  They say it only takes twenty one days to form a good habit.  Start forming this good habit today.