2 DogsA dog bed is just a dog bed, true? Well really, there's 3 major differences between a standard [normal] dog bed and a orthopedic dog bed, specifically pertaining to the quality, enduringness, and comfort of these beds. Searching for a dog bed just by price alone can lead to repeat buys because of the poor quality of the materials that these so called bargain beds are made from.

A lot of times the quality is sacrificed in order to mass produce beds so they can be shipped to large-chain retail merchant across the U.S.. This means that you are getting a excellent price, but a poor quality product. All the same, when you buy from a specialty pet store, such as those you will find online, they select their products from solely the best pet bed manufacturers. The result is a better quality dog bed that needs to be replaced less frequently, if at all. It's not only saves you money by Choosing The Right Bed For Your Pet, it also means less time searching.

The 1st difference between a standard bed and an orthopedic bed is the foam used in the filling. The foam gives the mattress it's firmness and support. For any dog, particularly an senior one, a firm supporting mattress can really make the difference between being capable of getting up on their own or needing some help. Regular [normal]dog beds have a weaker layer of foam, so they easily squeeze under the dog's weight.

Small DogThis implies that the dog in essence lies on the ground with a thin, 1" cushion beneath them. An orthopedic foam mattress is constructed of a denser foam material and will provide at minimal 4" of cushion beneath even the largest of dogs. This solid foam in addition to allows for your dog's feet to remain securely planted while climbing in and out of the bed. Getting up is made a lot easier and for a older dog suffering with joint pain can be really helpful!

The next difference between regular and therapeutic dog beds and for Dog Beds For Large Dogs is that the last mentioned permits a dog's vertebral column and neck to remain correctly aligned while sleeping. Most vets concur that while dogs can distort their bodies into rounded curves during sleeping, if they are sleeping on an unsupportive or slushy cushion, their vertebral column can become misaligned and cause soreness and pain.

The last major difference between these 2 types of beds is their anatomy. While they might look the same, orthopedic dog beds provide additional firm raised edges for properly supporting your dog's neck. As your dog lies down, a flange of firm foam is there to support and buffer their neck providing ultimate comfort. This can eliminate pinched nerves and muscles but as well assists your dog's physical structure remain proper spine-to-neck alignment for less soreness, particularly in senior canines.