The following article has analysis of the finale of the 8th season of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In case you haven't seen it yet, this article contains spoilers.


The Finale

Marshall and Lily's plans to move to Rome hit a snag, when Marshall gets selected for the judgeship he applied for earlier in the season. Barney and Robin try to ruin an obnoxious couple's night, but it ends with them getting married instead.

Ted renovated his house in Westchester but decides to put the house on sale. He tells Lily he is moving to Chicago because finding the girl he will marry seems like a lost cause. What’s worse is that he might have even found the girl (Robin), but she is getting married to his best friend.

 In the last moments of the finale, Marshall decides to take up the judgeship, but he thinks he shouldn't tell this to Lily over the phone as it qualifies as "face-to-face news".

We see a girl carrying a bass case on her shoulder, the camera slowly pans to her face and after 183 episodes into the show, the mother is finally revealed.The Mother!Credit: clara-j , Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License,via wikimedia commons

I thought the mother would be someone the viewers had seen before in the show, someone shown to us for a split second or two, so that the most loyal Fans of the show who have stuck with the show all these years could actually place her.

But that didn't happen. The actress playing the mother is completely new to the show, and in retrospect How I Met Your Mother’s writers have chosen the easy path. Since this was the biggest moment in show's history, it’s very important how writers handle it next season. There are three possibilities people seem to agree upon.

There is a big chance writers will go with one of these:


1) Next Season Will Be From Mother's Point of View

The next season could very well adopt this approach to mix it up a little bit. It would be great to see where the mother was during all the important moments in the show's history. The people she dated before Ted, how in the end everything fell into place. Her point of view will be really interesting to see.

One clear advantage to this is that the audience haven't really connected to the mother yet. The best way to do that is to give mother the spotlight. One will be hard pressed to find a better solution.

2) Next Season Will Be From Ted's Point of View

This means there will be no sweeping changes to the method of storytelling. The point of view will be Ted’s, with more focus on the dating life of Ted and the Mother.

How they were so close and yet so far in their previous encounters, and how destiny played its part. The writers will tie up all the loose ends in Marshal and Lily's story and Ted and his wife will live a happy life together.



3) One More Dark Possibility

In the episode “Time Travellers” Ted said, “I am always going to love you. Until the end of my days . . . and beyond" to the Mother. This has led to many conspiracy theories.

Ted says to the girl that he would do anything to get extra 45 days or even 45 seconds with her. This statement has opened up another possibility: either Ted or his wife, or both, are actually dead.

We never see any interaction between the mother and the kids when Ted is telling them the story. So is that the reason Ted utters those words? Even possible is the fact that Ted started to tell the story about how he met their mother because she died and he wants to remember her, maybe he began the story after her funeral.

Or maybe Ted is dead? There is a low possibility of that happening since we always hear a voice narrating the story to the kids. But then again, it could easily be a video /voice recording of some kind .When you think about it, the kids always are sitting on the Sofa, as if watching the TV.

I don't really think Scenario no. 3 will take place, as it is just too dark for the show. If it does happen though, we could be in for some very surprising chain of events.

The writers will think twice before going down that road, after all everybody loves a happy ending. Over all season 8 was far better than season 7, I am really looking forward to season 9 which will be the last season.

Whatever happens, I do hope How I Met You Mother ends on a high. The loyal fans of the show deserve it.