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The album is produced Howard Benson and released on 19th july 2011.

The lyrics of all the songs are written by lead vocalist Brad Arnold. The music of all the songs are written by lead guitarist Matt Roberts. Guitarist Chris Henderson co-written the music of almost all the songs , the only song  where he don't helped was "Time Of My Life". Bass Guitarist Todd Harrell co-written 7 of the songs.

Also Marti Frederiksen("Time Of My Life" and "When You're Young"), Zac Maloy("Heaven" and "What's Left") and Bobby Huff("Everey Time You Go") helped with the writing of the music.

The album had 12 songs and lasts 41 minutes and 30 seconds.

The deluxe edition has 4 songs extra, containing "The Silence Remains"(Written by Arnold, Roberts, Harrell and Henderson) a demo of the opener of the album "3 Doors Down" called "Train" and an acoustic version of the first two singles "When You're Young" and "Every Time You Go".

The album starts with the title song "Time Of My Life". It's a powerfull song about a life where you don't see the day, but that doesn't matter because you have the time of your life. The second song is the first single called "When You're Young". This is also an powerfull song about the time of your youth. The next song is "Round And Round", it's about doing the same thing all time.. And how you get out of that cirkle.

"Heaven" starts as a ballad, but in the the chorus it is a more powerfull song. It's about the beautiful place at home. Song five is "Race For The Sun" and is about looking for the nice things. You know that there are bad thing coming, but you don't want to look at them.

"Back To Me" is a ballad about someone who is all that you have, but know you know that it isn't yours anymore.

"Evereytime You Go" is the second single of the album. It's a powerfull song about breaking when someone's leaving you. In my opinion it's the best song of the album. "What's Left" is a ballad of the ending of an relationship, and moving on.

"On The Run" is a song about being on the road. It's a powerfull song.

"She Is Love" is an ballad about a lady that helps people with problems, but noone really know her.

"My Way" is the first of the last two powerfull songs. It's about following your own plan instead of doing what someone else wants. "Believer" is the most  powerfull song of the album and it's about a lady who's telling much lies, but when she says she loves him, he believes she doesn't lie.

My opinion

In my opinion it is the best 3 Doors Down album they've made. It got powerful songs and some ballads.

My top 3 songs:

1) Everytime You Go in my opinion the best song of the album.

2) Heaven is a nice power-ballad.

3) Believer the roughest song of the album!