My wife and I are very well planned when it comes to our family. We follow the Natural Family Planning (NFP) way of spacing out our children and making sure that we aren't blessed with 18 kids running around. This may sound robotic in nature, but I'm an engineer and this is just the factual side of things. Of course, I want as many babies as the good Lord will bless us with.

However, we do want to make sure we have enough money and resources to keep them healthy. NFP is a wonderful thing if you're interested in getting away from the less-natural methods out there. Check into it if you haven’t heard of it. Specifically, we follow the sympto-thermal method and it’s wonderful. It’s also great for growing your marriage and your understanding of each other, too. That’s just something you’ll have to experience after looking into it more.

But let's talk about pregnancy today. How planned are you when it comes to pregnancy and bringing beautiful life into this world? Knowing when a pregnancy starts is a wonderful thing, because you might not be ready for the challenge. You might not have the greatest diet or healthy routine setup up front. Once you have a baby growing in your belly, it’s really time to buckle down and get yourself taken care of properly. So let’s get those 3 tips on the early signs of pregnancy you just can’t mistake.

1. Super-Duper Smells

This is a really obvious one that my wife pointed out very quickly and it affected me greatly. I love coffee and I love garlic. Well, it just so happens that with our first kid, one of the biggest smells that bugged her was coffee and the brewing thereof. To add to that was also garlic and my cologne. That very same cologne that's won her heart all these years! This is a strange thing I don't pretend to understand, but I will definitely work with her to make her life easier.

Now, these are things that I am in the habit of using very frequently, and come to depend on, especially when it comes to coffee. Maybe you can understand that this was an interesting thing to take out of my life in order to make her life more easy. However, I was firmly resolved to change my habits so that she could have less trouble dealing with the smells. This pregnancy sign is very obvious to everyone involved.

2. Nausea, Vomiting, and Dry Heaves

This sign can be just random dry heaves that pretty much stop you in your tracks and cause you to hurl up nothing at all. Dry heaves were new to me and were very disturbing to myself and those around us. Now don’t be shy about it, you will be going through a wonderful process (overall!); it’s part of process and you should tell them to go "stuff it" if it bugs them.

However, know that any type of stomach nausea and vomiting signs could be caused by foods that you’re no longer liking because of the pregnancy. This could either be because of the smells that you’re no longer liking or just your body’s reaction to the process. I've never seen where science explains this reaction well enough to appease my curiosity. I have come to accept it as a very obvious sign, however.

3. Sudden Fatigue Onset

Now, you’ll want to check to make sure the fatigue you're experiencing is not caused by any type of sickness that’s going around at the moment or any other common ailment. If not, then this is a very big sign as suddenly becoming fatigued and not really being able to do things throughout the day signals that your body is busy doing other awesome things... like growing a baby!

This isn’t just the "I want to hang out on the couch and eat a bag of potato chips" feeling I am talking about. While that may be part of the pregnancy process, that’s not what you're looking for here. This fatigue feeling is when everything in the day seems harder to do or at least takes more energy out of you. Look for the time that you’re normally really tried and want to go to bed to move back earlier in your day. That's a pretty clear sign you're experiencing a higher level of drain.

Signs From Your Child - Know Them!

If you’re looking for the early signs of pregnancy, make sure you know that having really bad smells affect you easily, feeling nausea, vomiting, and dry heaves, and sudden fatigue onset are the clear indicators you can't mistake. Start noticing what you are not okay with now, so you will know when it becomes a bigger issue during your early pregnancy. Become aware, because your lovely new child is going to be a big part of your life very soon!