3 Easy Mind Tricks to do on your friends, family and others

1. The number 68?

Before I start explaining this is not one of those ‘add 2, take away 1’ math mind tricks. This is far better than that if you can pull it off.

First of all you ask whoever you’re performing the trick on to think of a number between 50 and 100.  The second thing you do is ask them to make sure that the number has two even digits. (This narrows it down dramatically but they do not now this.) You then ask them was the number they thought of 68 and BOOM you got it (hopefully). This is proven to work on about 2 in 3 people so some times it may not work but when it does take the pride in it and wait to be asked how it’s done.

Remember- I have pulled of this mind trick many times but I can’t stress enough how important it is to ask twice ‘make sure the number is between 50 and 100.’Because countless amounts of times I have asked the all important ‘what was your number’ and they say ‘48’ and obviously they weren’t listening.   

2. Think of a vegetable?

This is a great mind trick to perform on friends and family.

First of all get someone to perform the trick on.

When you have, tell them you’re going to do a little trick. Then you tell them you’re going to write something down on a piece of paper or your hand or something. (You write carrot down). You then ask them a few questions like think of a type of fish or think of a type of tree. Tell them to think off the top of their heads. After asking two or three questions ask them ‘think of a vegetable’ and hopefully they say carrot. Supposedly 98% of people say carrot but in my experience a good 3 in 4 people say it, if you have done the trick correctly. But this is still a great trick to excite people.

Remember- make sure whoever you are performing this trick on thinks off the top of there heads.

3. Queen of Hearts.

This is a good mind trick to perform on girls maybe your mum, friends or cousins etc.

Simply what you do is ask them to think of a card any card in a deck of cards of course. You don’t actually need a deck of cards for this by the way but it would make it better. Make sure you tell them specifically not to tell you until you ask. You ask finally have you thought of a card and then you say Queen of hearts. Also to have better results with this trick make them think off the top of their heads. Again this will not work 100% of the time especially with someone who knows a deck of cards well but in my experience it does work.

Remember- Make sure they are female.           


I hope you enjoy these tricks. Have a go and if you had success please leave a comment.