Start Slowly

Ever not exercised for a long time and then when you get the opportunity for a workout, it feels so good, you don't want to stop? The next day you're wiped out. Starting slowly is sometimes a challenge.  Swimming, biking, playing racquet ball, practicing yoga all makes you feel so good. But slow will help you go longer. Sure feeling a new muscle or two could be okay, but if you are just beginning to workout, you don't want to strain muscles.  Even more importantly you don't want to be so sore for the next three days that you can't or don't feel like working out.

Do that workout you love, but just a little. Enjoy the activity. Even finish still wanting more. That way you'll be looking forward to your workout the next day.

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Here's a great way to begin an exercise routine. Only ten minutes doing Pilates everyday or everyother day could be the first step in a routine that lasts. Whatever exercise you choose, ten minutes is a nice amount of time to start

Stay Comfortable

Even during a ten minute workout, certain moves may be uncomfortable. Remember comfort leads to continuing. There's the exertion that's comfortable for your body and then there's the exertion that leaves you exhausted or strained.  Being exhausted after exercise or the next day makes it difficult to attend to all of life's other responsibilities, so stay in the comfort zone. When you want to force that stretch or do killer crunches, relax a little and get comfortable.

Comfortable clothes, shoes, and mats are motivating.  If it's in your budget to buy new compression or yoga capris, do it. Feeling good in your exercise outfit helps keep you exercising. Whether at home or at the gym, knowing you look good and feel comfortable adds confience even for beginners. Clothes that allow easy movement in anywhich way with out binding, bunching up or falling in your face, frees you up to focus on the workout. I hate having a tee shirt fall in my face when I'm breathing deeply bending over doing down dog.

Staying comfortable while exercising can prevent straining. Wearing comfortable clothes for easy movement can get you in the mood. Deciding the most comfortable place to work out will make it easy to stick to the routine. Perhaps practicing yoga at home is most comfortable because no one is watching.  On the other hand  a fitness class at a local athletic club may add social enjoyment to an aerobic or toning workout. Sometimes the friends you meet in the class can add to your feeling of comfort.

Most importantly make sure the exercise itself is comfortable. It should make you feel good, energizing you so you want to do it again. If the exercise is so uncomfortable that it is painful or leaves you so sore you can't function during the rest of your day, you are probably not going to want to do it again. So relax and get comfortable.

This comfort zone is the fitness for life zone.

Keep a Routine

Finding the best time of day and the best place for you helps you keep the routine. Going to the club on the way to  work in the morning could be the perfect eye opener. On the other hand perhaps watching a twenty-minute video at home is more convenient for your schedule.

If you are rushing to get out the door every morning, working out in the evening wouldn't get pushed out of the schedule so easily. Whatever time is painless for you will help keep you in the routine.

If you have kids, you might have to get up before they do, so they don't want to hang from your legs as you lift them. It might be fun though to find exercise classes for mom or dad and kids. It could build healthy fitness habits for your whole family. As long as the routine works for everyone it could be the best way to stay in a routine.