Instantly learn speed reading by doing these 3 things

Do you get bored reading? Do you like the idea of reading but you're just too busy? Do you wish you could read faster?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then you are not alone. Almost everybody wishes they could read faster and I'm going to share with you, 3 techniques that will boost your reading speed to a new high.


Technique 1: Stop that voice inside your head!


When you read, do you say the words out loud in you head? Again, you are not alone. However, doing this is limiting your reading speed. If you stop saying the words out loud in your head, you will automatically speed up. To get you started, try holding your breath while you read a short section. This action subconsciously tells your brain that you can't talk and makes it the exercise easier.



Technique 2: Use a Guide


When you read do you use a finger or pointer to help guide your eyes across the text? Didn't think so, most people don't. Doing this is considered childish by most people but it is actually an advanced speed reading technique. Place you finger, or better yet something thinner like a pen or a knitting needle on the page, and move it underneath the line you would like to read at a faster than normal pace. When you get more comfortable, try moving your guide two or even three lines at a time.



Technique 3: Resist the urge to skip back


Most people have an urge to skip back over a certain chunk of text after reading it. This could be a word, or a sentence or a whole paragraph. It doesn't matter how big the chunk of text is, this back skipping is crippling your reading speed. Next time you read something simply don't skip back. This is quite easy to do because once you are aware you can feel when you about to read it and force yourself ahead, especially if you are using a guide. It can feel uncomfortable at first because you feel like you are missing some of the understanding. The thing is, this normally isn't the case and you'll surprised how much you've actually taken in when you think you missed something by not going back.


If you want to try to read faster on a computer you can find speed reading software. It's a great way to not only practice and develop your speed reading, but you can also put your documents into the program to read them faster.