Are you new to writing articles? Maybe you have written before but need a bit of a refreshing on some writing tips. Here are 3 Easy Steps to help you write your first article. They are quick and simple to set you on your way to writing plenty of articles successfully with ease and confidence!

1. Brain storm

One key to writing is embracing your creativity. So start by writing down as many topics as you can. Your topics may be as random as you want but there is only one rule to this step. Don't filter yourself.  Do your best to write everything the comes to your mind no matter how off the wall it may be. This might be tough for many people because they get embarrassed of what they come up with, but that is ok. The point of this step is to get as many ideas out as possible so you have options to choose from.  Once you feel you have exhausted all the topics you can come up with move on the the second step. 

2. Select the topic and Write

Now that you have a list of topics, start selecting the ones that you are the most interested in. Make sure you choose something you are legitimately interested in. Having an interest in the topic will help you throughout the entire process of writing because it will keep your attention. After all, think about how much you paid attention to subjects in school that you were not interested in.  It may sound obvious, but people tend to enjoy doing things they are interested in. Not only that, but they perform at a higher level when they are genuinely interested. So, it is important to choose a topic you like and enjoy. This will make your article easier to write and way more enjoyable.  Also, after you select your topic, be sure you keep your brainstorming sheet from step 1. You can always use it again for another article!

So, now you get to write! A simple guideline for writing is to break it into three parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

Introduction For your article's introduction, give an overview of what the reader can find in the body. You can even tell the reader why this topic interests you. Basically ease the reader into the rest of the information they will read. Take a look at the introduction of this article. It is not too detailed, but it lets you understand what will follow in the body and conclusion.

Body- The body of the article is where the reader will get the most information. This is the main section of the article and can be broken down into sections for easy organization. For example, in this article you are reading right now, the body is broken into the three numbered parts labeled brainstorm, select the topic and write, and Revise. After the revise section, you will find a conclusion, which I will address next.

Conclusion- The conclusion is important, so don't skip this piece. Overall, it summarize your article to tell the reader where to find more information, how to contact you, or just to address the key points mentioned in your article. I say this piece is important because if there is no conclusion, the reader can be left feeling a bit lost. Imagine going hiking in the woods with a guide. If the guide took you deep into the forest and then told you that was the end of the trip, and ran off into the woods you would not be too happy or satisfied, right? Well that is what writing an article without a conclusion would be. Do the right thing for the reader and lead them back to where you started. That is exactly what the conclusion to your article should do. Connect the end of the article with the body, and the body back to the introduction.

3. Revise
Once you are done writing the introduction, body, and conclusion, your work is not done just yet. Well, if you have chosen a topic you find interesting, it should not be considered work so I will say that the fun is not over yet. Lucky us! This step is key to maintaining credibility and making your reader want to come back and read more of your articles. As a writer you should read and re-read your article to make sure that grammar, spelling, and punctuation are what they should be and the article looks how you want it to. Make sure you re-read it, but you can also have friends and family proofread your articles. If you don't want to bother any friends or family for help, there are plenty of online proofreading sites and services you can find with a quick search. Some you may have to pay for, but there are plenty of free services out there as well.


There you have it! Whether you are new to writing articles or have written articles before you now have the 3 Easy Steps to help you write.  They are quick and simple, but you should review them each time you write. Feel free to come back to this article for a review or keep them in your mind, but either way I'm confident that now you will be on your way to writing great articles with ease and confidence!