With the rising trends of the fast food industry and our lazier living standards, there is no doubt that frequent exercise is a necessity for  our wellbeing. But in today's fast-paced society, it can be hard to find time to work out throughout the day. Everyone seems so busy that they can't even spend  a minute of their day to maintain their bodies.

Of course, there are many ways to get a little exercise every now and then during the day (like always taking the stairs, riding the bike to work or walking the dog), but there are already so many sources covering that subject. Instead, here are 3 easy tips for squeezing in that much-needed workout in its entirety into your daily schedule.

Replace an Hour of Sleep With a Workout

Question: What is your biggest time waster during the hours of the day? (And if you say video games, then you should stop reading this article right now, since you obviously have no shortage of time).

That's right - sleep!

If you're serious about getting some basic exercise during your day, you need to consider decreasing your daily amount of sleep. Now, this may seem a bit idiotic since you probably sleep as long as you do for a reason. But studies have shown that those who work out regularly require far less sleep than those who do not. Basically, if you are in good physical shape, your body will not need as much sleep as its unfit counterpart. In fact, the increase in exercise you'll receive will more than make up for your minor decrease in sleep, at least in the long run.

Throw in a Quick Workout Before Every Shower

Everyone showers regularly (hopefully). It is considered a necessary part of our daily ritual, no matter how busy we may be. And yet, most people don't make use of this when it comes to training.

An extremely common excuse for not having time to work out is that it would take too much time having to change and shower afterwards. But what difference does that make if you're going for a shower anyway? Just take the time immediately before your daily shower to throw in some pushups or something!


Make the Workout Part of Your Everyday Routine

The excuse that there simply isn't any time for exercise in the day is complete bogus. You have time for so many other things, yet not a single minute can be spared to maintain your physique?

This is a common mindset issue; it is so much harder to make time for it, because it is not in our daily routine. We always seem to have time to eat, sleep, and shower - all of which are already a basic part of the day. We've been conditioned to do these things, and have gotten used to making the time for it. By the same principle, if a daily workout was to join the list of routines, it would become so much easier to automatically find time for it.


If you implement these three simple tips, you should have no trouble finding that little extra time during your days to exercise in the future.