Peek-A-Boo Cat
Credit: Jaime Rowe

Cats are fun to photograph but they sometimes can be a challenge to the photographer. Cats can easily be spooked by flashes, fast movement or loud noises. Here are four tactics to help you capture awesome photos of your kitty during your home photo session.

#1 - Play Peek-A-Boo Kitty
Cats LOVE to play so make their photo session fun for them too! Set up a box, or chair (something kitty can hide behind) and grab a toy. Get down on the floor and start dangling your toy. Your cat will attempt the crouch, shake their *toot* and pounce or she will patiently wait behind the box and swat the toy at just the right time. Have your camera ready and click away! In terms of lighting, I really don't like a bright direct light out of your camera so I suggest bouncing the light in the room. you can purchase a flash diffuser to place over your on-camera flash. You do not need a fancy flash diffuser to accomplish acceptable results.  If you cat is not okay with a flash, then I would coax your cat into a room with lots of natural indirect light.

#2 - Window Sills
Look for  mornings when natural light spills into a window of your house, apartment or condo. Find it and plop Ms. Sparkle right there. Look how the beautiful diffused morning sunshine graces her face! Bellisimo! Wait a few minutes (cat photography is all about WAITING and sometimes A LOT of waiting). Wait until one of those rascal squirrels jumps by and starting clicking!

#3 - Up, Up and Away!
Cats love to be up high. They were touted as gods + goddess at one point in history! Put your cat up on your refrigerator and get some great shots of her peeking over the refrigerator door to figure out what you are doing. Or pop a "tinsel-on-a-stick" in your hat and watch Ms. Sparkle's eyes light up in excitement. Cats love shining, moving objects that capture her attention. She was forget that you are there with your camera. Perfect!

#4 - Take your Time
Your cat is not going anywhere (unless your cat has a date on Friday night). Take lots of calming deep breaths and enjoy the time with your cat. If you are calm, then they will be calm. Cats can sense fear, uncertainty and anxiety. Do you best to stay calm and enjoy the journey of capturing these moments with your cat.

When photographing cats, the most important technique is PATIENCE and staying CALM. No sudden movements just fluid, calm, gentle movements. I love photographing cats because it is a whole different ballgame compared to dog photography. Dog photography is usually about crazy and loud ball throwing, squirrel chasing, sprinting, dashing through water and hiking-types of adventures. Don't get me wrong. I love a great afternoon of squirrel chasing with my favorite Labrador but sometimes the simple joy of watching a cat silently sun in a beautiful window sill fills my heart with joy. Enjoy every moment photographing your cat and good luck!