Every online business needs marketing – without an effective marketing strategy, you won’t get traffic; without traffic, you won’t make sales.

To market your online business effectively, you need to know:

· Your target audience

· Where to find your target audience

· How much effort you are able to invest

1. Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is comprised of the people who will buy your product or service because they find it useful.

If your online business is selling a product or service which will only help low-income families with a stay-at-home mom, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree trying to sell to millionaires. After you’ve defined your audience, you’ll be able to determine how you should talk to them through your website.

Touch on areas which interest your audience (if you’re talking to stay-at-home moms, for example, include helpful resources related to their daily needs) to prove yourself an expert in your field. Sometimes using hard-hitting sales copy isn’t the right approach – but portraying your online business as a friendly, helpful resource is.

Know Your Audience
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2. Know Where to Find Your Target Audience

What interests your target audience most? If they’re photographers, they gather at photography-related blogs, in forums designed to share knowledge and often participate in portfolio-enabled websites.

Make yourself a contributing member of these communities by sharing relevant posts, asking questions and eventually, pointing out the fact that you have a product or service designed to help them succeed.

Exercise caution, though: before you jump in with advertisements for your online business, remember that your audience is bombarded with ads every day – and if they’re looking for what you’re offering, they’ll either know someone who provides it or can use the Internet to find it. Developing relationships with members of these forums is necessary before you offer your goods.

Know Where to Find Your Audience
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3. Know How Much Effort You Are Able to Invest

Marketing an online business isn’t always easy; if you’re looking for quick results which cost money instead of effort, direct the majority of your energy toward paying for advertisements. However, if you’d rather take the time to cultivate relationships (for financial or other reasons), decide how much time you’re willing to devote to this area of marketing.

Set aside blocks of time which will be completely dedicated to networking and marketing. Stick to your timelines – if you don’t force yourself to start or stop, you run the risk of wasting time in less productive areas.

These basic tips are the most essential stepping stones on your marketing path. Although success is never guaranteed, you can ensure you’re taking the actions which are more likely to succeed than others.

Know How Much Effort You Are Able to Invest
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