If you are looking for an educational and inspiration Christmas present that the young ones will surely appreciate, then buying Christmas books for kids is definitely an excellent choice. Nowadays there are plenty of amazing books that you can choose from; all you have to do is make sure you take time to shop around to find the best stories and illustrations for your loved ones.

Those who are having a hard time choosing the right one should look into the following Christmas books recommendations:

Shall I Knit You A Hat? A Christmas Yarn – Written by Kate Klise, this book is all about the tale of friendship, giving, and love. Kate's sister, M. Sarah Klise, has drawn the illustrations in this adorable book. Kate and Sarah work together in order to fit the text and drawings to come up with an interesting story. The book simply discusses the loving relationship between a son and a mother and it also expresses the joy of preparing gifts and the delightful expressions of the recipients. The cute expressions of the characters where vividly captured through the wonderful illustrations.

The Jolly Christmas Postman – This book includes charming illustrations and well-written texts along with other freebies such as a picture puzzle, jovial verses, and a picture letter. Written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Janet Ahlberg, this book was published in the 9th of September 2001. Despite the fact that it has been around for years, it is still a good choice for children ages 4-8. This wonderful book will definitely allow the imagination of your kids to run wild as they become more drawn to the story.

Where Teddy Bears Come From? - This is a quirky, wonderful, and interesting Christmas book about the tale of a little grey wolf who believed that a cuddly bear would help cure his insomnia. The grey wolf embarks in a colorful journey as he slowly answers the ponderous question – Where do teddy bears come from? Children will definitely be delighted with the superb story and beautiful collage illustrations in this lovely book.

Besides the Christmas books for kids mentioned above, there are still tons of other options sold in many bookstores all over the country. Don't forget other traditional books for children like "The Littlest Angel" by Charles Tazewell, "Finding Christmas" by Wayne Anderson, "An Orange for Fankie" by Patricia Polacco, "Dear Father Christmas" by Jeanne Willis and Rosie Reeve and The Big Book of Christmas by Gaby Morgan.

Make sure you take time picking the right one as your children will absolutely adore them!