Want to freshen your look but aren't thrilled with the idea of expensive and possibly dangerous surgical procedures? For you there are wonderful face lift non surgical alternatives that can help, many of which have been around for many years and are much easier and less expensive than surgery.

For the most part, using other techniques will be a lot cheaper than a surgery.  Combine that with the much shorter recovery time and it just makes a lot of sense to check out these other methods.

We all know that any type of surgery has a lot of risks. There is a long recovery time, it's expensive and you can always find the results are less than you had hoped for. 

Look over this list of face lift non surgical alternatives:

1. Thermage is a technique that has been popular for many years and has become a very popular option. All it is is a device that directs deep heat into the lower layers of skin to allow new growth.

This procedure usually only takes an hour or so. There is a short recovery time, a day or two in most cases.  Some common side effects are reddish skin and some minor irritation. This will usually go away in a day or two.

If you have other spots on your body where you feel like you can use some help, Thermage can be used there too. This isn't an unusually painful procedure, but you may feel some discomfort at the site of the treatment. 

2. Laser, one more option. With this procedure you will not need to have anesthesia, which is a cost savings all on it's own, and can usually be done right in your doctors office.  Some minor skin irritation and tightening of the skin are the usual side effects. 

3. Mircocurrent is a process that uses a low electrical current. The current stimulates the exfoliation of old skin as well as  causing new skin growth. 

If you have really sensitive skin you may have more of the irritation and redness than others. 

If none of these other techniques interest you, there are many great face creams available today.  Just like everything else, there's been a lot of great advances which can give you really good results. 

You don't have to either go for a surgical procedure or skip it altogether, there are a lot of face lift non surgical procedures that can do what you need.