3 factors to consider when buying a present, gift for your man.

Many women get into a dilemma when choosing what to buy for their men who happen to be their boyfriend or spouse. this is because many men tend to be very specific of their items including gifts, some other meant are not the romantic or mushy types yet others do not give a care whether you buy them something or not. It’s a nature to many to want to buy gifts for others and also receive gifts from them in occasions such as Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, Easter and so on.

It is simple for a man to choose what gift to buy for his lady but it cannot be said the same when buying a present for the man. This makes it harder by the fact that you need to know what he would really want or what he lacks in his life.

 So what criteria should a woman use when buying a present for a man?


  1. Hobbies and interests.

 Hobbies play a very important factor when determining what gift to buy for anyone be it a child, a middle aged person or even the elderly. so when it comes to men, men tend to have different hobbies such as playing golf, hiking, swimming, cooking, reading, playing poker or chess, carpentry, watching soccer e.t.c. it will be very appropriate for the woman to decide on what to buy by understanding her man’s hobbies and interests. for example if your man loves cooking, he will be very pleased to get anew intriguing cookbook from you, or if he likes reading, get him the latest and most interesting(according to his taste) book in the market. Basing your choice on his interests will be the best gift ever for your man, something that he will value for a very long time.

  1. Desires or wants. Your man may have unknowingly hinted to you that he would love to have this or that. so when the time comes for you to get him a present, you are on top as it would be the perfect opportunity to get him what he has always wanted but never had.
  2. Personality. All men have different personality and character traits. Some men are introverts while some are extroverts. Some men will appreciate their ladies spending a huge amount of money on them while some will not want their ladies to fuss over them with expensive presents. This calls for the lady to know what type of man she is involved with. If the man is an introvert, then buy him something that will compliment his introvert nature like a nice wallet or even a good looking jacket or whatever seems appropriate for him. For an extrovert guy, if money allows the lady should search to what the man would enjoy more, like a new motorcycle.

The quite men who also are introverts in nature would appreciate just hanging out with their women in a romantic and peaceful setting without spending so much on gifts. These types of men would love to have a candlelit dinner specially prepared by their women, and later a relaxing evening followed by lovemaking, this would make a great and thoughtful gift to these types of men.


But it is wise to note that when buying a gift for your man, you should not get out of your way to get it in terms of finances. Buy or do something that is within your constraints that this will go far in ensuring that you are both happy.