Stores like and Toy R Us are wonderful places to shop for gifts that will delight your preschooler. There's almost no time more exciting for a young child than heading off for his first day of school. It is usually the parent who is more nervous than the young one. Once your child enters preschool, he will learn a lot of great new ideas. This makes him much more sophisticated when it comes to what he'd like for gifts, believe it or not. Here are some great gift ideas that any preschooler would be proud to accept.

1. Disney Cars Play Set

This set is great for both boys and girls, but your little guy will especially like this play set. Your kids will love playing around this playmat and seeing their Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater cars rock and roll. If your children love Disney, they will enjoy pulling the cars into their favorite spots. The cars come with the playmat, so your preschooler can play with the toys right out of the box. It will help their motor skills, as they have to pull the vehicles backwards in order for them to move forward with speed. This set is not for children under 3-years-old.

2. V-Motion TV Learning System

Your children can sharpen their motor skills even further with this really hip toy. Preschoolers will love the lessons they get in math, science and reading; they'll be ahead of the game for kindergarten. This system is wireless and it is activated by your child's own motion. When your preschoolers see their older siblings playing motion games, they will feel like they are part of the mix and will be learning all the while. You can plug this toy into your television. It features some of the shows and characters that your child already loves, such as Spider-Man and Wonder Pets. These characters will walk your child through exciting learning activities that take action. Your preschooler will absolutely love this gift.

3. Crayola Magnetic Double Easel

Once your children enter preschool, they will want to share all of their knowledge with everyone and also play school at home. The Crayola Magnetic Double Easel will allow your child to teach you and others with ease and fun. The dry erase board is complemented by a chalkboard--perfect for the preschooler to write out assignments. Your child can easily wipe the boards clean. Both come with a clip to attach papers, so they can draw with pencils and crayons. There are even storage bins on this double sided easel to help your child keep everything in order. You will find that your preschooler enjoys spelling out words and adding numbers by using the 77 magnetic numbers and letters included.