Have you ever wondered why more people frequent the hospitals-- not to work but as -patients?

The 3 Famous Foods that Take-Away Health

Have you ever wondered why more people frequent the hospitals-- not to work but as –patients?

This got me thinking about the main reasons why patients never stop coming.  Of course, we got to know the root of the problem and one aspect I found funny was that the culprit is not the deadly diseases, but us—humans.

Caring Food Companies?

To be alive, we have to eat. The food companies are so caring that they tend to make food taste better, dazzling in color, sweet tasting and longer lasting. They refined every aspects of the food they produce—concentrate it, added more flavor to a simple food, preserved to last not a month but years.  In so doing, these companies do not really care at all because they instead have produce harmful products. The process of refining, preservation, and degermination needs chemicals.  Since chemicals are harmful, they are not supposed to become a part of our food.  These companies forget that they can never be superior to nature.

To be unaware of this reality cause most of the health problems we have today.  Most of us have never been told how to eat and live right. The simple reading of food labels written on the grocery stuff we bought means life and death. We hardly ever care about what makes up the food that we will eat and that will soon be a part of our body system.

Nothing but Empty Calorie

A lot of the foods we see in our urban diet are nothing but empty crap, “empty calorie” foods.  Though these foods give us heat energy, they barely give us nourishment.

 The 3 Famous Foods that Take-Away Health


  1. Starches (Concentrated) – biscuits, white flour and bread, cakes and other pastries, doughnuts, spaghetti and macaroni, etc…
  2. Sugar and bleached products – refined white sugar, candies and other confections, gums, synthetic sweeteners like the saccharin, etc…
  3. Energizing and narcotizing beverages - tonic drinks, colas, coffee, tea, alcohol, beers, etc

    Colas, tea, coffee, and alcohol are categorized not as food but as drugs by many nutritionists. The narcotizing matters like caffeine, theobromine, and theine are drugs. These substances damage the heart, stomach, liver, nearly all part of the human body.

    As soon ascakes, pastries the above foods and drinks please the taste buds and already become part of our blood, our body system, they then start maltreating the body.

    There can never be a stop in the influx of patients because treatment can never be successful unless people correct the flawed diet.  As the saying goes, “it is easier to cure the disease-NOT the patient!