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With an enormous variety of tasty places to eat in Seattle the task of choosing somewhere to eat can be a daunting decision. Seattle has an appetizing number of restaurants: big and small, cheap and extravagant, 1 course or 15. As a seasoned restaurant frequenter and an enthusiast of cheap eats, I give you my favorite restaurants to snag an affordable bite to eat in Capitol Hill!

Tacos Chukis

Tacos Chukis

Listen up, ya’ll. Does a little toasty burrito with your choice of tasty meats and guacamole sound good? What about a mini cheesy enchilada? With a variety of mini options, all of which are fantastic, Tacos Chukis tops my list of favorite spots in Seattle. So, if cheap and tasty Mexican food gets you a little tingly then Tacos Chukis is where its at. Grab a Tecate or a Mexican soda and choose a few things to try. You wont be disappointed. How could you? They grow their own jalapeños in their window!

Pro tip: Try the specialty "Tacos Chukis" tacos. 

Hot Mama's Pizza

Hot Mama's

This hole in the wall is a Capitol Hill favorite, offering New York style pizza by the slice. It's open late night so bar-goers can swing in for some grease and carbs after a night of craft beers and jager bombs. If you can stomach the idea of eating green pizza then their specialty pesto slice will make your tastebuds sing!

Pro tip: Get there before midnight to avoid the line around the corner.

Cafe Presse

This darling French bistro offers delicious local Caffe Vita coffee and a nice selection of French classics. I have tried a variety, but my go-to has always been the Croque Madame: ham sandwiched between two slices of cheesy, toasted bread and topped with a fried egg. 

Croque madame Cafe Presse

Enjoy a rail spot along the window and watch the day go by or cozy up on the benches in the back room. Either way you'll be charmed and delighted.