What Is A Card Game?

     Card games are quite common, but still, it never is right to just assume that someone knows something. Even if it is a common game played by the use of cards. Game cards, not tarot cards. Although there are a variety of card games using a four suited deck. However in the past decade or two, perhaps more, more and more card games have come out. Card games that are not four suited, but are part of a larger game. Some of which have come about, because of children's and sometimes adults fascination with anime or other cartoons like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

What Are Cards?

     Cards are small pieces of paper, although they're not as thin as paper. It's more like the cards were made with the density of cardboard in mind. Which may be where the word card comes from, some may speculate. These are usually cut into a deck of fifty-two, not including the two jokers that come with a deck. Although there are specialty cards that only include the cards one needs to play a particular game. There's a euchre deck and a pinochle deck and probably other specialty decks too. However to play these games, one needs a deck of cards. Many hours can be gained from playing cards, especially with how many different card games there arePlaying CardsCredit: Wikimedia Commons!

Will A Card Game Keep My Kids Entertained?

     It all depends on the age of the child and whether or not they know how to play. Young kids just learning to play a new card game can get frustrated. Which leads them to making you do the fifty-two card pickup, because they're having a temper tantrum due to their frustration with the game. Each card game has a different complexity and some can be more difficult than others for a child to understand. Once they're older though, they might just be able to graduate to playing beyond a small matching game. As long as you're patient with them and teach them well, they can become great card players of your own favorite card games.

     Cards really can keep kids entertained, but they're easily bored too. Why not add incentive to the game. If they happen to win, you'll grant them a token. They can keep the token, but they need more than one in order to get a particular prize. You could have it so that they have to play cards during family card night, otherwise they can't gain another token. It may not be real money, but it should help teach your kids how to save up for something they want that if they get enough tokens, you may have to buy. So make sure the prizes aren't beyond your pay-grade. It's more about having fun though, together with your card partner than anything.


3 Fun Card Games To Keep Everyone Entertained

Playing CardsCredit: Wikimedia Commons

1. Go-Fish

     Go Fish is a simple game and thus can be played by both adults and children. It requires a 52 card deck. The ideal number of players is between 3 and 9, although it is possible to play the game with only two players. However it's rather dull with only two players and not very challenging.

     Card games are far more entertaining when there's more people and more challenging. Except of course perhaps for children who aren't quite at the stage of wanting to win all the time. Many a card game has been left unfinished when one of the youngest players has gotten upset, because someone else guessed their cards right. That or they get caught cheating and cheating is definitely a no-no.

     The goal of the game is simple, gather cards of the same rank. Once a player has all four of the same rank, they must shown and discarded face down. The game only ends when there are no cards left. The winner will be the one whom has collected the most cards. However the ones that do not have all four in the players pile, do not count.

2. Slapjack

     Slapjack is another fun game that both children and adults can enjoy. The only goal here is to slap a jack and get the pile that's in the playing center. Although the British slapjack has a different goal. In the British slapjack the goal is to lose all the cards, not get them all like in the US version of the game. In the US version one wants to get all of the cards, because if they have them all, then they have one.

     The slapjack game can go on four a long time, especially if there's four or more players. The kids would certainly have fun playing it, because its the only thing they're allowed to slap. However its best not to play it with very young children, because sometimes they might get it into their head that it's okay to slap another player. This should be an automatic loss for the child, if they slap a second time after being warned that it is not polite or nice to slap someone.

3. Scat

     Despite its rather unappealing name, it's fun. After all it has nothing to do with that other scat. Which can be awkward when someone asks you whether or not you like it. Just ask them to clarify what they mean. If its not the card game, then you'd probably want to say an outright no way. However if it is the game, sure, just make sure to elaborate that you're talking about a card game. This card game does have two aliases, 31 and Blitz.

     When playing Scat, at least two players are needed and can have as many as nine, perhaps even more. Although the more players there are, you'll need a second deck.

     The goal of this game is to gather thirty-one points. Some play it using an ace, face and ten of the same suit. Others however play it using a second face, but the ten counts too towards the thirty-one points.

     Each person is given four poker chips and every round the person with the lowest score has to discard a chip. However if someone calls Scat as soon as they get thirty-one, then everyone, but them has to discard a chip. Only the person who has a remaining chip in the end, wins. Some people play with four dollars, instead of four chips.

     It's another game that's easy enough for kids to learn. As long as they can tell the difference between suits and how much they're worth. Scat can be a couple hours worth of entertainment.


Should I Carry A Deck Of Cards With Me?

     Everyone should carry a deck of cards with them wherever they go. One never knows when one is going to have a long wait. There are many other wonderful card games out in the world to be learned and played. Some of them allowing a person to play alone, like solitaire. Cards really are great instant entertainment and don't cost much either, unless of course one is gambling. So, teach your kids how to play a few card games. Its a great way to keep them and yourself entertained and to feel just a bit closer.