Having a baby is perhaps one of the most exhilarating events that a couple may experience. As such expectant parents often find themselves devoting time in preparation for the coming of their bundle of joy. Preparation often includes shopping for baby needs and allotting a space for a nursery.

While shopping remains to be the easy part for most, designing the nursery turns out to be the tricky part. It can be tricky because the baby who will occupy the room does not have specific preference yet. Because of this, the expectant parents often end up with a blank space to work on. One may find it hard when and where to start.

So if you are having the same trouble, here are simple nursery theme ideas that you can follow to make the task a little bit easier.

1. The baby girl and baby boy theme

These two nursery theme ideas prove to be the easiest for the new parents. It does not require any special characters or accessories as the theme centers more on the play of colors.

If the baby is a boy, the room can be painted on hues of blue and white. Furniture of the same hue can also be selected to maintain coherence within the room.

On the other hand, pink can substitute blue if the coming baby is a girl.

2. Sports theme

This baby boy theme is ideal if you want to stay out of the ordinary. For starters, you can choose your favorite sport and choose it to be your main theme.

Once you have a sport in mind, you can start decorating the walls by making a mural. You do not have to be afraid with playing with paints and brushes because the design does not have to be elaborate.

You can keep it simple by drawing balls, bats or nets depending on the specific sport that you choose. Finding the perfect furniture in this case can be quite tough, so you can also make use of your artistic prowess again and paint some pictures on the baby's crib, table, chair or lampshade. You can finalize everything by adding draperies, sheets and blankets that match.

3. Princess theme

You can also make your baby girl feel like a princess by surrounding them with crowns and jewels (not literally of course). You can look for posters and wall papers that depict your favorite fairy tale princess character.

Again, you can keep all the elements in the room connected by selecting curtains and sheets that mimic the theme that you have chosen. Those are but a few of the nursery theme ideas that you can choose from.

Of course, you can always choose to be creative if you have enough time and budget to spend on your nursery.

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