Staying in shape does not have to be boring. You can have a ton of fun staying in shape by playing sports, joining exercise classes at your local gym, or playing with your kids or siblings. You will, of course, need to eat healthy and visit a gym a couple of times per week to stay in shape, but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun with other fitness activities. If you are looking to play sports or if you need to purchase fitness gear, visit Action Sports Web and Chicago Soccer.

Here are three fun ways to stay in shape:

1. Play Sports

Playing sports is the best fun way to shape in shape. Sports that are great for helping keep you fit include basketball, football, tennis and soccer. If you are into running or gymnastics, both of those activities are considered to be sports, as well. Going horseback riding every now and again is a great way to give your legs a bit of a rest and to give your upper body a great workout. You can play basketball or go running on your own, but playing with your friends or joining a recreational team are much more enjoyable.

2. Join Classes at Your Gym

Just because you have to go to the gym doesn't mean that you have to spend an hour working out by yourself. Pretty much every gym offers some sort of class these days. You will have a ton of fun participating in Pilates, yoga or zumba, and best of all, you will be helping keep your body in shape. If you love to ride bicycles, look into joining a cycling class in your area. If your local gym has a pool, consider joining one of their aquatic classes. Exercising in the water is actually one of the best forms of exercise that you can do to keep yourself in shape.

3. Play with Your Kids or Siblings

When most people are thinking about staying in shape, they are only thinking about the gym. You can help stay in shape just by running around with your kids or siblings. If your kids are into tag or hide and go seek, get involved with them and have some fun running around the yard. Simply playing a game of frisbee with your kids or siblings is a great way to keep in shape, as well. Keeping in shape is all about burning calories, getting your heart pumping, and giving your muscles a workout. You can accomplish all of those tasks by playing the games that you loved as a kid with your kids or siblings. To get the most out of running around with your kids or siblings, you may want to look into purchasing a good pair of running shoes.