Shopping at stores like Paul Fredrick MenStyle and Charles Tyrwhitt will net great results on professional gifts for men. When shopping for a professional man, gift ideas may be hard to come by. The ideal three gifts for the modern business man would assist him to be balanced in his social life, everyday business activities, with moderate recreation and entertainment. There are a few gifts that would that would also be the ultimate in practicality, such as:

1. Smartphone

One gift would be the cutting edge smartphone. Today's smartphone can be likened to a laptop. The RAM and memory allows these phones to swiftly transfer data at speeds that would rival some computers. Many smart phones are equipped with SD memory cards that can hold from megabytes to 32 gigabytes. Even when some smart phones don't have memory card capabilities, there is ample software that allows data to be stored in the "clouds."

There are business apps that have spreadsheets, project management and even office scanners (these use your phone's camera and can be faxed as well). The possibilities are endless when comes to the communication piece. This allows you to be on the popular social networks and stay in touch with all current emails, texting, phone calling, even video conferencing. The man in your life can listen to music, watch videos, and download TV shows and movies--all during his downtime from work.

There is a broad range of game playing as well. These include three dimension action games, traditional arcade replicas, and the classical board challenges like chess or monopoly. When a business man is mobile, these smart phones and their functions allows the man on the go to boost his efficiency and take a breather to rejuvenate himself. These app downloads are impart made possible by WiFi, 3g and for 4g networks. All this power lies in the inner suit pockets of the multi-tasker/gentleman .

2. High Speed Laptop

Modern technology would have this brilliant gift pose as a sleek conversation piece too. A laptop as a gift quickly works wonders for the receiver especially when changes are to be made on a last minute business proposal (and he's nowhere near the house). He'll definitely thank you for that timely speedy gift! Sophisticated software and hardware can added to accomplish things that even the best of smart phones can't do. Plus screen visibility and ergonomic handling is an obvious advantage if you're logging long periods of time.
3. Luxury Briefcase
Many briefcase manufacturers factor in a laptop plus accessories compartments when developing internal design. The outside leather shell protects its contents from the unforeseen elements of the day such as snow or rain. The maintenance is minimal. This would be the more affordable of the three gifts, but certainly holds a significant role in presentation and security. Before buying these ideal gifts for that businessman, do your research for pricing, durability and quality.