Stores like FAO Schwarz and eToys are wonderful places to shop for gifts that will delight your tween. A tween is someone in between childhood and the teenage years. It's very hard to buy for tweens because not only are they a bit confused about what they like, but parents can be just as confused about what they will find to be special gifts--ones that they won't scoff at or turn down. Here are two gifts that tweens won't turn down:

1. Friendship Bracelet Craft Kit

When your tween girl is bonding with others, there's no better way to keep her occupied than creating her own jewelry. The friendship bracelets never go out of style and tweens will see older and younger kids wearing these bracelets. Belonging is important to tweens and giving a gift that allows them to be creative with their peers is a win win.

The instructions are clearly outlined for this gift and everything your tween needs to make her own jewelry is included. You'll find that there's also a built-in clip board for this set which helps new crafters. This gift has been rated by parents as really holding the attention of a tween. It also allows your teen to create her own fashion piece, so of course it's guaranteed to be worn and won't be rejected.

2. Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission

This is a classic game that tweens will love and can play with their friends and family. The game is better seen in this version, with an upper level. This game is great for tweens because it allows them to be strategic and out think one another. Once your tween sinks his opponent's battle ship, the sound it makes is souped up on this version and promotes pride of winners. Even though this game requires academic prowess, it's great for tweens to exercise their wares against one another. This game is fun for both boys and girls or tweens of both genders. It won't take up much space because it folds up for quick and easy storage.
3. Just Dance 2

Most tweens whether they are males or females love to get their grove on and have their own genre of music. This lends itself to the gift that keeps on giving; Just Dance 2 is just such a gift. This gift will not only keep your tweens active, but will be a gift that they definitely won't turn down. There are not only new songs, but old school favorites as well; you'll enjoy jamming with your tween. Just Dance 2 even allows tweens to create their own teams and have a dance off. With all of the dance movies that have come out in recent years, tweens will simply love this activity. With a bit of research, you can buy a gift your tween will love and won't turn down.