If you are a dog person, then you already have an idea of the many joys that come with having a dog. They are fun to be with, funny to watch, and they can bring another level of satisfaction to life that only a dog can bring.

Dogs, like most creatures on the planet, are not all the same. Some are big and some are small. Some have long hair and some have short hair. No matter what the dog looks like, one thing is for certain, each dog is unique.

As a pet owner, you always have a choice in the dogs you choose to own. If you are considering a dog for your household, why not consider getting one of the larger breeds?

Below are 3 good reasons to own a large breed dog.

1. Intimidation - This is probably the most obvious reason to have a large breed dog around. It is not uncommon to see a person walking freely in the park with a giant Rottweiler on a leash strolling around confidently and without a care in the world in large part due to the presence of their sizeable canine friend. Big dogs are imposing creatures. It does not matter if they are passive or aggressive. For the sake of intimidating most people, the only prerequisite is size.

2. Wrestling and Playing Rough- Want to play rough with your dog? A large breed dog is more than accommodating in this arena. Not only will they most likely welcome the playful sport of wrestling and rough-housing with their master, they will likely be able to win, or at least give you a run for your money. This can be a fun activity for both the dog and the owner. Large breeds are typically more powerful, thus making them worthy opponents for wrestling and rough playfulness.

3. Personal Walking Space Heater - One major feature of large breed dogs is that they are warm. Really warm. Cuddling up next to one of these canine behemoths can keep you warm and fuzzy for quite some time. Often, the dogs will snuggle back and lay on your lap. The only predicament you might find yourself in here is getting the dog off after you have decided you are uncomfortably warm!

These are, of course, only a few of the many reasons owning a large breed dog can be a fun and appealing idea. Keep in mind, no matter what the size or breed of dog, each has their own unique personality and quirks. Get to know and love your dog's unique nature.

If you are considering a large breed dog, then maybe you should consider the 3 reasons listed above. Maybe you have your own list of many more. Either way, owning a large breed dog is a surefire way to add a bit of big adventure into your life.

Step out and live large! Your future canine pal will thank you for it.