Do you suffer from a blocked nose? If so you have come to the right place. A blocked nose is one of those things, it is annoying, distracting, frustrating and all of the above. For those of you that have it often or all the time, it can literally take over your life. All you want to do is to breath through the nose.

Many others suffer from this as well and have so I have broken it down into three mainBlocked NoseCredit: Fotolio remedies that worked for me to help give relief when necessary. Please bare with me, as some of them involve a minor change in lifestyle and diet, however each one is beneficial. Also some of these Blocked Nose Remedies are long term solutions while some are short term.

First of all the symptoms of a blocked nose range from a simple block, a numbness block where it is so blocked the nose feels numb and a complete blocked nose where one cannot even breath though it at all. All of them are associated to each other with different degrees of annoyance.

3 Great Blocked Nose Remedies That Work!

1. ) My first tip on how to get rid of a blocked nose is with a good saline mix.

This is where you create a mild saline mix, consisting of clean water and salt (just a small amount like salt water) and putting in a small water dropper. Then laying yourself on your bed with your head hanging over the edge drop a few drops in each nostril.

Be aware this will make you cry and eyes water, this is good as it is getting the saline through the nostrils. After about 30 seconds lift yourself back up and dry your now runny nose with a towel. Do again or repeat until you feel air is allowing to pass through the nostril. This technique is a big reliever.

Saline Mix Remedie - 1/4 to 1/2 A Teaspoon of salt per 200ml of good warm clean water.

2. ) My second how to unlock the nose remedy is the diet plan.

You may now want to eat more Chilli's, garlic, horseradish more lemon and in particular large amounts of grapefruit. These are all great natural allergy fighters which is the common cause of a blocked nose. This will help a great deal in time. Hot spicy soups with all of the above is a great natural sinus blocked nose cure.

If you are like many that are sensitive to Chilli's then focus more on the citrus groups, in particular grapefruit and grapefruit seed. This can be purchased as a easy to use grapefruit seed extract which can do wonders for allergy's, it's also natural and works great with sinuses and blocked noses.

3. ) Number three is the environment.

Look at what is around you, do you have pets or is there a lot of dust in your house? Could this be the cause? Do you expose yourself to any nasty chemicals or large amounts of pollution.

Sometimes blocked noses are caused by allergies and it is simply an environmental problem, many dogs hairs can block the nose and casue irritation. Look at these factors and if it is your environment you think then either fix as best you can or consider moving to a less allergy prone area. This can do wonders for a blocked nose as well.

Another option to consider is getting a good allergy test, this can be done quite cheaply and easily. It is always easy to try to solve with over the counter chemicals and drugs however in the end if it is an allergy which 95% chance it is causing this will only cover the problem and not solve it. In the end a lifestyle change is what is mostly needed.