The first harbingers of spring sprout in the garden and the meadows and announce the beginning of spring. The first warm rays of the sun lure people back out into nature. Now it is time to engage in some spring decorating with the children. This can best be done with homemade Easter nests made of watercress, amusing colorful butterfly clips, or pretty table settings for the spring table.

Watercress - sowing and harvesting

In the spring, when the nature of life is revived and delicate little buds on the trees turn into lush green leaves, children can accurately monitor change from seed to plant. This wonder can be turned into a project of spring decorating with children, where, to them, this can still lead to an impressive transformation which they can observe by filling small pots with watercress. These are simply made using stored yogurt cups which you can fill with cotton wool or Earth. The children are allowed to independently put the watercress seeds into the cup, write their name on it and water the watercress every day.

With good care, the seeds will start to grow after a few days and can be harvested after about a week. Thus, the children can watch every day how their small, inconspicuous seeds grow into a plant to eat. This makes the fun of spring decorating with children also serve as a project for growing meals for the family.

Watercress is rich in vitamin C and is great on bread and butter as a main meal, or as a delicious side dish in spring salad. But in this form it can be grown all year round on the windowsill.

Happy homemade colorful butterfly clothespins

Homemade butterfly clothespins are another way to engage in spring decorating with children. By now, butterflies are populating the fields in the spring and roaming the woods. Pretty butterfly clothespins are a great way to engage in spring decorating with children and are not difficult to make.

For this we need:

Wooden clothes pegs

Cardboard in different colors

For the butterfly, we need a body that is made using a stencil or is drawn freehand on colored cardboard and then cut out. The butterfly should be approximately the size of the clothespins. For the colorful wings, two squares are cut out 7 cm in side length and the two opposite corners are then placed on top, which creates a triangle.

The triangles are then attached with glue to the clothespin. The lower triangle should have the tip pointing upwards, the upper with the top down, so that wings arise. If desired, fold the protruding spikes upward to get more depth. The resulting butterflies can now be used as spring decorations, or they get a place on the whiteboard to keep track of important dates in mind. These pretty butterflies are suitable also as a napkin holder for the holiday table, or as a holder for monetary gifts for Easter.

Spring decorating with children - Placemats

Another great idea for spring decorating with children is the homemade placemat. A placemat made with spring-like motifs can be made for the breakfast table, for Easter, or simply as decorative coasters. All you need for this project is a laminating machine, which can be purchased for very little money in some discount stores. In the early spring during walks in the outdoors, the children can collect materials for the placemats. The first spring flowering bulbs, such as snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils, are already in bloom very early in the year, delighting the viewer with their vivid colors. The flowers are pressed and then glued with adhesive to a colored or white sheet of paper. If desired, this can be incorporated to paint a beautiful picture.

The final image is placed in the laminating foil and firmly connected through the device. The advantage of these homemade placemats: They are washable, waterproof and completely preserved by sealing in intense colors.