1. A scrapbook of yourself

Mothers-Day-Scrapbook-GiftCredit: amazon.com

Creating a scrapbook of yourself is a great idea to give for Mother's Day, and also a way for you to use old photos, memories, and events that you have of yourself.  Most parents always mention how fast their children grow up and how they wish they could always be a certain age.  This would be a good gift to give a mother, as it would provide a book featuring precious moments in your life.  There could be different sections divided in the book like: baby years, school days, graduation, your first car, and any places you've traveled to.


If you are good with editing on the computer, you can also scan in the images, and edit them to your liking to add an extra layer of originality, and make it easy for your mother to share with other mothers and family.


2. A hand-drawn or painted picture

Mothers-Day-Art-Pain-Gift-IdeaCredit: amazon.com

This is probably one of the most classic gifts a mother can receive from their child.  If you are no longer 5 years old, maybe this would be a surprising gift on Mother's Day because it is probably very unexpected, unless maybe if you ARE an artist.  Most people appreciate a gift that has been hand crafted more than one that's bought quickly because of the thought, time, and effort that goes into creating something original.


The supplies for this is really cheap and simple; you don't need oils or fancy pastels either.  You can use: crayons, sharpies, pencils, pens, and different colored papers from the stationary section at your local department store.


3. Home Cooked Meal

Home-Cooked-Meal-Mothers-Day-Gift-IdeaCredit: amazon.com

Everyone enjoys a freshly home cooked meal, and what better way to show your appreciation for all the years of your mother's cooking than making a nice breakfast, delicious lunch, or appetizing desert?  Don't worry if your not a good cook.  You can find lots of recipes for cakes, cookies, and other deserts here at allrecipies.com.