All blog owners know that you must generate a continuous stream of targeted traffic to your blog in order to have a successful blog that makes an income.

There are lots of different ways you can generate traffic, most bloggers focus on getting people to their blog from the main page but one method that many bloggers overlook is deep linking which is a link to another blog post, instead of the main page.

It is so simple to focus all your attention to the main page of your blog, but you must link to every post on your blog and disperse the traffic to the entire blog.It is a fact that most of the revenue that comes from the blog is generated from single posts, and not from the main page.

By using deep linking you are building importance and credibility to internal links you have in your blog.By deep linking to relevant posts you are helping the search engines to crawl your blog much deeper and find more of your information.This way the search engines can show more results in their index and you increase the chances that your blog post turns up in the search results.

Getting people to your blogs main page is great but this will not put them in front of any information that can lead to a sale, this depends naturally on how your blog is designed.Why not send your visitors directly to the blog post that promotes a certain product or service? Visitors spend so little time on a blog that you simply cannot afford to waste any time.

What is the best way to start deep linking your blog posts? Every time you write a new post you should link to any related post you have written in the past and also take advantage of the remote blogs you can find all over the Internet, like Hubpages, Infobarrel, Squidoo, Xomba, Snipsly and Blogger to name a few.

These are all "do follow" sites that the search engines crawl often.Just write an article with helpful information closely related to your blog post and link to your post.

You can also use social media sites and social bookmark the blog post you wrote and submit the direct URL to the social sites instead of the URL of your main page.Social media sites have often high page rank which will help.

There are 3 great reasons why you should focus on deep linking as much as possible.The first reason is that if your main page has a high page rank and your blog posts have very low or no page rank at all, you are helping your posts rank better in the search results.

Second, deep linking helps your prospects find the information they are looking for which increases your chances for making money.

The third and final reason why it is so important with deep linking is that you are optimizing your blog posts for the search engines, allowing the search engines to crawl your blog much deeper.

Deep linking is time consuming but a very important part of blog marketing.It is a challenge but by doing it regularly you will see your blog posts higher in the search results.