Art Apps For The Art Lover

iPad(122154)Credit: morgue files

These three art applications available on iPad are for adults, and I love each of them. I'm not a great techie-type so the apps on my iPad are meaningful to my lifestyle. I highly recommend any or all of these apps for someone interested in art or creative expression.


This app is put out by, the on line purveyors of art and decorative items and framing services. Here's what they say about the app:

"Take a spin through artCircles to discover artwork in a whole new way. Let your fingers wander as you whirl through various collection wheels centered around colors, words or featured curators-the artists, musicians, designers and innovators of our time..."

This is a rich and fun app. It's a great visual break during my day, (do you know what color nacarat is?) You spin a category circle (colors-nature-curators-art movements-texture or words) and a corresponding circle of collections of many artworks is presented. has hit a home run with this iPad app, and they promise to add more categories, yippee!

Art Authority

This sublime application is authored by Open Door Networks, Inc. It was named "Best iPad reference App of 2011" from the iPad App Store editorial team.

The app contains, "over 1,000 artists, and over 55,000 paintings and sculptures organized into eight period-specific rooms." It is limited to art from the Western World, but is easy to navigate, with clear instructions, and with often many examples of each artist's works.

Here's something really fun about this app: you can freely use any image prior to 1922. I have downloaded high-quality images to my desktop, and had even more fun sending Epostcards to friends using the images. This app is truly "an amazing art museum at your fingertips."


This iPad app is for anyone. I've included it, because artists and people whose jobs require creative inputs often face periods where they feel like their creative ideas and problem solving techniques need a kick-start. I have the version 1.2.2 by the Unstuck people  at

Here's what they have to say:

"Designed to improve our daily lives through interactive tools and community. Through a series of questions and answers, the Unstuck app pinpoints our stuck moments and provides thought provoking tools and tips to help us get on with life."

So, this app seemed a little weird at first, but I think it was assembled with the good intention of helping people out, and what's wrong with that? The app is totally interactive, and has good insight and inspiration for anyone feeling stuck in a certain area of their life. It has a pretty a sweet, almost childlike design to it that I would probably not pull out during a corporate board meeting, but in private, I wouldn't be embarrassed to navigate through it. And hey, it's free.

That being said, I do think Unstuck is a little gem having value. And, maybe, if we used such tools as Unstuck, our lives would be less-stressed and more productive.